Simpsons Tapped Out

Posted May 06, 2013 at 2:37 pm in Threads > Games

I am curious as to how many people play or have actually heard of it. A few co-workers of mine got me into it a few days back and I can’t put it down. It is a “freemium” game, but purchasing donuts only speeds up your process, it isn’t actually required to play like most “freemium” games. It is a cross between Sim City and The Sims. There is an RPG element with leveling up and XP. A lot of the events take real time and cause last for 24 hours. I play for a few minutes several times a day, it conveniently no notifies you when an event is done.

Plus I could use all the extra snakes I can get to help get some bonuses.

If anyone else plays add me. [email protected]