Sony could be king

Posted Aug 20, 2012 at 6:49 pm in Threads > Opinions

I have a super love hate relationship with Sony, more so because they have so much potential to dominate Android, yet they don’t pull out all the cards, they say they are invested in android, but i feel like they aren’t enough.

You’re Sony, you have a PSP running android, why stop there? I feel they’d make so much more money if they offered their PS games to a wider range of devices and not limit it to their Xperia line, I don’t have a problem with them making exclusive games for Xperia, but why not branch out, get a deal with Google/Android and merge
PlayStation, Imagine the possibility, Windows phone has XBOX all around integration.

The PlayStation UI needs a serious overhaul and if they can add some android on top of it, imagine how great that would be, hell even get rid of their browser and add Google chrome to the batch, other manufactures use android and butcher the UI and put their own twist on it, so i don’t see why Sony cant do it.

Would be nice to see the future of Sony be

  • Full access to PSN
  • Access to the android market via the PSN store
  • Play your games you already have downloaded right on your PS3

It could probably be bigger than OUYA

So much what ifs with Sony that i wish would be a reality.