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Sorry, Your 8MP Camera is Only Mid-range


The numbers game sometimes make me shake my head. It seems to be a consensus everywhere that an 8MP smartphone camera is called mid-range before anyone sees the quality of the pictures it takes.

So if an 8MP camera takes better quality pictures than a 13MP camera, is the 13MP camera still high end? Is the 8MP camera still considered mid-range? The HTC One is considered a top 3 smartphone camera by every “expert” but it only has a 4MP camera. Is that a low-end camera?

I do follow all of the spec races. I know the answers to the above questions as well. It still boggles my mind how we label something before we test it…Siiiiiigh…I feel better now. Just one of my pet peeves :)

Thank You

Aug 21, 2013 at 1:27 pm in Threads > Opinions