South Korean court rules Apple infringed on two Samsung patents, fines it $35k; Samsung gets hit too

Posted Aug 23, 2012 at 10:47 pm in Threads > News

We have yet another twist in the worldwide patent battle between electronics giants Apple and Samsung, as the Wall Street Journal and Reuters report a Seoul court has ruled in favor of the latter in a patent case on its home turf. While it decided that Apple had infringed on two Samsung patents, it also found that Samsung had returned the favor on Apple’s “bounceback” design patent, but not on another regarding icon design, resulting in damages also in the “tens of thousands” against Samsung, according to WSJ’s Evan Ramstad. He also reports that other than the light financial slap on the wrist, the ruling means that the infringing products can no longer be sold in South Korea, however that doesn’t mean much because most of them aren’t on shelves any more anyway. Asia Economic reports the two patents Apple was found to have infringed are of the much-disputed standards-essential type relating to the transmission of data.

Source: Engadget