SwiftKey Flow: Your Thoughts?

Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 1:48 am in Threads > Apps

I’ve been using the SwiftKey Flow Beta for a few days now and I have a feel for what I like and dislike. I’m looking to compile a list of what the community likes and dislikes to submit to the SwiftKey team. If you agree with an existing point, reiterate so I can weight comments accordingly.

Here’s what we think about SwiftKey’s first attempt at gaining ground on Swype (so far). Numbers like this (2) mean how many people think this opinion.

Comments have been submitted to the SwiftKey team:
Thanks for the feedback. Also, please pass my direct thanks on to the rest of the Androidandme community for participating in this Beta.

Many of the issues that you mentioned have already been either posted as Known Issues or we’ve collected these reports after listening to what you all have to say. Our team constantly strives to provide everyone with the best keyboard created. I’ve said this before in many ways because it’s true: We wouldn’t be where we are without listening to feedback. I know this. The SwiftKey Team knows it.



  • It’s SwiftKey that we know and love
  • But you can swipe around if you like (but don’t have to) (2)
  • You can swipe multiple words (2)
  • It’s in semi-open beta, meaning you can try it for free
  • Future Google Play availability

No Like:

  • Swiping multiple words means if you make a mistake bad enough, you lose all your work and every word since you started the chain (ie it gets confused and just clears everything on that swipe). (3)
  • No more “swipe left to delete” whole word. This is a big change that takes a lot of time to get used to. (3)
  • Swiping around reduces your options for choosing a word. You get just the one prediction since you can’t lift to select. Includes inability to go back and correct prior words with suggestions intact, poor suggestions (5)
  • There are many slowdowns at times where the keyboard crawls, producing words seconds after they are entered. Battery implications, especially for older devices. (2)
  • Typing “Three” and like words are problematic (ie Three vs thee vs the) without choices to choose post-flow. (2)
  • No flow allowed in username and passwords field. Moreso for usernames and web addresses in browser bar, etc.
  • SwiftKey-like learning of flowing style is absent – it takes many tries to get the right word sometimes.
  • Flow disabled on landscape on Tablet version

It suffers from trying to be great like SwiftKey….but also including Swype-like features. Maybe the best at touch typing can’t be combined with a flowing typing style app.

What are your thoughts on SwiftKey Flow?