Tegra 4 – Wayne – Enough to get you to sign on?

Posted Dec 20, 2012 at 5:01 pm in Threads > Rumors

I’m looking at the T4 specs published recently and wondering if the new chip is a huge leap forward or not. I’m seeing 72 cores for graphics which SOUNDS awesome, but as I’m not a gamer I wonder if this is all there is?

I use my Android devices for more pedestrian uses – more media consumption for videos, etc. How much will T4 help with playing my MKVs? Will 1080p stuttering be a thing of the past?

I only upgraded from my Asus TF 101 to a Tegra 3 device because Tegra 2 was choking way too much on HD files. T3 is far better, but still a little wonky on higher end files. I think a good case for upgrading in 2013 can be made if T4 would decidedly render anything we throw at it – from what has been released, does it sound like it will?