The F Word

Posted May 16, 2012 at 7:43 am in Threads > Opinions

The mainstream tech blogs are buzzing again about Android being ‘fragmented’. OpenSignalMaps has a graphic out today that shows the various model numbers (3997 of them) reported back to them from their app. ( and the other day TechCrunch ran a story about Animoca, a dev studio that uses around 300 actual devices, that they keep in a safe, to do QA on their apps. (

This is absurd and sensational reporting. There are infinitely more permutations of Windows PCs when you consider the huge number of combinations of processor, RAM, video card, monitor, etc.

The plus side of this ‘fragmentation’ is that the end user get choices. Which manufacturer, which model and on which carrier. We as Android fans need to call out those who keep saying ‘fragmention’ is bad.

Which is why we need a new name for it. I propose ‘coherence’. It talks of different units (Android devices) coming together (a bit like Voltron) to make a whole (the Android ecosystem). Thoughts?