The Great Tablet debate

Posted Aug 30, 2012 at 9:53 am in Threads > Entertainment

Ok I have been contemplating a new tablet for a while now but really cant make up my mind. My biggest debating points that come to mind are Screen Size, Screen resolution/clarity, Hack ability, Specs (Processor, memory camera etc…)

1. There seems to be too many choice now, 7 in , 8.9, 9.7, 10.1
2 What resolution is the best considering your holding the device rather close to your face thus is a Super HD screen really necessary
3 Can I root it and alter it the way I want too, lets face it one of the best things about Android is the fact that you can make the machine truly yours
4 Specs, I know it is awesome to have the latest hardware but for the average person that is web surfing, playing a few games, watching some movies etc is there a real need to have the latest?

I know all of this is based on how much money you have to spend on one but this is what has me constantly waiting for the “next big thing”

Whats the most important to you?????