The user wars (iOS vs Android)

Posted May 05, 2012 at 1:11 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’ve been reading a ton of forums/blogs and it dawned on me on just how ridiculous this battle is, iOS users continously show their ignorance when it comes to android devices, they make a bad purchase among the thousands of different android phones then because of their bad decision and bad experience with that ONE device, they turn around and blame the entire android ecosystem for their own fault, what’s even worse is some of them talk without experience, they’ll even go as far as to degrade someone who has an android device, and I ask why? And the claim about Android not having no apps, don’t get me started on that.

Android’s users, while not as mean spirited as the iOS users, can be just as ignorant, calling iOS users stupid and or dumb because they don’t know how to use Android is kinda unfair and not needed to be said about people you don’t know, and neither their reason for getting a iOS device, sure a 5 year old can use iOS, but some people just want a device that’s straight to the point and not care for what’s under the hood. Some of us want a car that’ll just get us places, while others just want one we can tweak and work on all day.

I don’t get the constant bashing of each other, is it some form of human consciousness to make someone feel lesser so that they can feel better about their decisions in life? Are we forgetting that these are devices that evolve, complaining about something today, that’ll be obsolete tomorrow is kinda stupid on both ends. While I am no fan of iOS, I’ve never made it a personal vindication against someone who owns an iOS device, I don’t like apple because of their lack of advancement and high prices for just a minor update, but I respect them more than anything for being so successful with that simple minded approach.

What I am getting at is simple, like what you like, buy what you need, compare and discuss your likes and dislikes without putting each other down because you simply wanna feel better than that person. Is it really that difficult or are we too obsessed with feeling some form of self awareness.