To Tab or Not To Tab

Posted Aug 29, 2012 at 12:38 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Let’s just get straight to it: today’s Android devices are powerhouses. Their mobile computing power is exceptional, and if you’d asked me two or three years ago if I’d be able to do half the things on my Android devices I’m able to today, I’d have said it was completely infeasible.

Today, we have streaming capabilities from multiple high-definition sources (including high-definition output to larger screen devices in some cases), insane 3D graphics and the computational power behind them to make jaw-dropping games like Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, Dark Meadow, and many other stunning games I think many of us Android old-timers only dreamed about.

Today, we have a choice. Android devices exist in several sizes and forms. When I bought my latest phone – an LG/T-Mobile G2x (Optimus 2x for you international types) – a little over a year ago, the primary selling point for me was the raw power it afforded me in both gaming and entertainment possibilities. When the Asus EEE Transformer (TF101) came out, I had just started a new job which involved an hour long bus ride each way, and I’d discovered that using my phone for entertainment provided a sub-optimal experience. Receiving a text message or IM would interrupt my current activity, and resuming the activity wasn’t always the smoothest operation. So I bought the Transformer so I could multi-task more efficiently.

This lasted for a few months, but lately, I’ve found that while I still carry my tablet with me everywhere, I never use it. In fact, more often than not, it’s not even charged, but it’s become such a habit to grab my bag (which primarily holds my tablet and other electronic devices) that I haven’t brought myself to leave it behind yet. Part of this reason is due to my usage model — 10″ is a little unwieldy for my small hands and the perpetual motion of the bus. I’ve been seriously considering a 7″ tablet for a while, but fear that the novelty would wear off just the same as my 10″ tablet.

These days, I use my phone for most of my entertainment again, leaving my tablet forever alone in my bag. The most use it sees is when I’m playing in my weekly tabletop RPG session and it functions as a useful and compact rules reference. My phone is more convenient, and I’ve grown to ignore interrupting notifications when possible.

How about everyone else? Do you use your 4 +/- 1″ phone for your entertainment, or has your phone been demoted upon arrival of your tablet (for those of you who have one)? Which form factor do you prefer? Has anyone else had the same experience with a 10″ tablet, only to find that the 7″ form factor really does make enough of a difference?

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