What are your thoughts on Android Fragmentation?

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 5:36 pm in Threads > Opinions

With every new update to Android we get bombarded with reports of how fragmented Android is. We have all seen the pie graphs with Gingerbread with a huge piece of the pie, and we hopelessly wait for our phones to get the latest and greatest operating system. My thoughts on it all is that truly fragmentation is not a huge issue that reporters make it out to be, if you buy an Android phone for the latest and greatest OS you are more then likely going to root and flash a ROM with that new OS before the OEM and Carrier push that update out. On the flip side, there are a good majority of people who have an Android phone and don’t really care about their OS and wont be heart broken if they are stuck on Gingerbread because they aren’t researching Android like we do. I think we can all agree that OEM’s and Carriers should work quicker to push out updates but the beauty of Android is that when they don’t we have the power to it ourselves. So what are your thoughts? Issue or not?