What Google needs to win the living room

Posted Aug 28, 2012 at 6:22 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Hey all,

I don’t know about you, but I find myself perplexed over why Google can’t seem to do TV right. For over a year now I have been waiting for an android box worthy of my living room, but so far no dice. To me, a good device needs to pack a version of android akin to jelly bean with specs comparable or better to the best tablets like the Asus Transformer series. Is it too much hassle to ask for something like the Revue or Vizio’s new offering with a Tegra 3+ and plenty of memory so I can do some gaming a la On Live or Splashtop to my PC? Throw in DVR powers, 3rd party support, beautiful design like the Q, an affordable price point, and I would be in. What do you all think?

Edit (8/29): I suppose I should try and tie this in with Mobile somehow since this is an Android forum and they’re promoting mobile entertainment this week…Below AirPlay was discussed and Google tried this with the Q in a way. While mobile broadcast to a TV from a tablet or phone is clearly the best thing to hit the living room since the DVR or remote control, Google moreso than Apple must realize they can’t restrict this to the Nexus line in relation to items like the Q. They need to leverage their open platform to allow ANY device to send media over, including begrudgingly, Apple devices. Like it or not, they are a big player in mobile entertainment and the sooner Google plays nice, the sooner more people will find devices like the Q attractive. The demo they did at I/O earlier this year was neat and all, but let’s face it; no group of friends are going to own nothing but Nexus devices for AirPlay like sharing. We can promote adoption of the Nexus line all we want as self-proclaimed accolades of Google’s domain which I’ll be the first to say how awesome it is, but we do live in a real world, and the sooner Google realizes this and builds this technology to work with their own and all their OEM partner ecosystems (meaning native Android feature), the sooner we can all enjoy sharing pics and videos on the fly at our next mixer with friends.

Just my two cents. My desire for a good Google living room box ranks right up there with wireless smartphone in-dash mirroring / speaker integration in my car so I don’t have to rely on crappy, proprietary navigation systems anymore (not that I do thanks to my trusty lifehacker made binder clip smartphone holder). Expand on that with Google’s still-baking Glass tech on the windshield for amazing holographic overlays, and my friends, you can finally say “welcome to the future,” even if they don’t quite have the car flying yet, lol.