What’s your Christmas 2013 Android Wishlist?

Posted Oct 18, 2013 at 11:10 am in Threads > Opinions

Admit it, you’ve been looking around to see what would look awesome under your tree, for you or a loved one. What’s on your list?

I’m jonesing for a smaller tablet, so either this year’s Nexus 7 or the pricier, but much lovelier G-Pad 8.3 is at the top of my list for a self-gift.

My wife is getting to the end of her leash with her Galaxy Note (the first one), so if a good opportunity comes to swap over to something else droidey, we just might. She loves big screens, so a Note III or Galaxy Mega (or the new Sony) all look enticing. Still – curse you, Canadian three-year plans..!

And the wife has been thinking about getting a smaller kiddie tab for our three year-old. Actually looking for suggestions on that… But may just give her my ol’ Galaxy Player 5.0 if daddy gets what he wants. :)

You guys?