When Not To Use Your Smartphone

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 1:02 pm in Threads > Opinions

A bite to eat, a trip abroad, a meeting with friends, our smartphones have become as attached to us as the clothes on our back. So I had a thought, have our phones merged with our personalities, our bad habits?

I walk around and can’t help but instinctively grabbing my phone even for a moment. Slowly this notion becomes routine and the slightest act of using the phone goes unnoticed to the user. I thought about this while having dinner with my girlfriend at a small but popular restaurant with tables that are barely two feet apart from one another. I had used my phone several times throughout the night checking for the time and possible options of activities to do afterward. An innocent act, I thought subconsciously, however I had the notion that what I did came off as as rude, as I notice a slight silence as I try readjusting back to the world around me. I realized that I had sparked a nerve not only to the lovely lady across from me but from our neighboring tables as well. Which led me to think of phone etiquette, when is it not appropriate to use our phones? Is the lack of being able to disconnect the issue that irritates others?

So I want to know what are some cases where you’ve used your phone out of habit at a bad time and also what are some instances where you felt irritated by a fellow smartphone user?

Looking forward to hearing your experiences!