who do you want to see come out with the next Nexus?

Posted Jan 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm in Threads > Opinions

There aren’t many rumors going around other than your run of the mill rumors You know, the ones like the Moto X? lets back track just a little and reflect on the Nexus 4. Wait, there isn’t much to reflect on is there? I’m not bad mouthing Google’s decision to pick an OEM who obviously wasn’t prepared for the demand of Google’s flagship device. Both parties dropped the ball and now both of them are paying for it dearly. the point is, hopefully we can put the Nexus 4 woes behind us and focus on what is to come next. I remember when many people and many OEMs were scared that Google’s Acquisition of Motorola would mean automatic favoritism when it came to the Nexus brand. Now, we are either wishing the did pick Moto (favoritism or not), or gone with someone else who could’ve handled this (Google is to blame too) much better. So who does Google have in mind now? Or better yet, who are they in talks with? I for one wish that it was HTC once again, but i don’t think it will happen this time around. So i’ll go for something a bit more realistic and say that its going to be Motorola, but i wish to see HTC or even Sony take the reigns this time around.

What do you think?