Who will be leader of Android smartphone Market in 2013..??

Posted Dec 12, 2012 at 12:18 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hey All,

I would love to hear from u guys about who u feel is going to be next android smartphone leader for 2013.

Some Contenders –

1. SAMSUNG – no doubt the largest smartphone seller in market today. with its flagship mobiles GS3 and Note 2 , it is dominating current android market. I read about a study which said only Samsung is earning profits by selling android smartphones.

2. HTC – the closest competitor. With Driod DNA / Butterfly, HTC seems to be coming back to game. ALso its entering in medium or low budget phones which can make it any common household mobile for all. High bets on this.

3. GOOGLE – Nexus series are selling like hot cakes in market.Morning its available some hours down the line its gone..!! Phew..!!With direct updates and back up from Google it makes a huge difference.

4.LG – not too much into game, but with Optimus G2 down the line, feel LG is planning big and better.It can be dark horse in this race.

Sony and Moto left on purpose as dont think they have any specific flagship mobiles to boast about.

Whoever wins this , one thing is sure, consumers like us are definitely gonna get better and wonderful stuff in future..!! Lets wait and watch.