Why are There No Good Phones with Physical Keyboards?

Posted Dec 01, 2012 at 6:08 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

This is something that has had me extremely frustrated recently. I owned the HTC G1 back in the day and absolutely loved the device. For the last two years I have been using a Samsung Alias 2, the one with the e-ink under the keyboard buttons. It totally sucks as a phone, but my parents payed for it and it was better than having nothing. For the past 6 months I have been looking to buy a new phone now that I can actually afford one, but I can’t find anything that I actually want.

I was really looking forward to the Nexus 4, but I am extremely hesitant at this point because of its lack of a physical keyboard. A couple months ago I got a hand-me-down Nexus S and I have been playing around with it. It is a really fun device, and I have really enjoyed rooting it, putting custom ROMs on it, and all that fun stuff. But, I find myself constantly getting completely frustrated at the device because it is so difficult to use the on-screen keyboard.

I went into it knowing that it was going to take a long time to adjust to not using something physical, but it has been two months. I have tried the default keyboard, the new 4.2 keyboard, Swype, and SwiftKey. No matter what software I use, I am constantly mistyping letters and words and it drives me mad and is extremely frustrating. It is so annoying, that I actually still use my Samsung Alias 2 to send text messages and my Nexus S’s only use is to stream Pandora at work.

Anybody else here in a similar situation as me and just really wish they had a physical keyboard on their phone? I know there is the Droid 4, but I won’t pay for Verizon. Outside of that, all the phones that have keyboards are basically crappy 4-row boards, with 2-3 generation old internals.

So, do I just suck it up and get a Nexus 4? Or do I wait for eternity in hopes of somebody coming out with a good phone with a keyboard?