Why so many Snaprdragons?

Posted Nov 01, 2012 at 4:15 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I created this Thread for two purposes,
1. To have a discussion about why Snapdragons are appearing in almost every device.
2. To learn more about Processors from the comments (so if you can school me a bit about their structure then please do so :D)

I have nothing against Snapdragons, but from what I remember, they were more associated with HTC devices some years ago. Now they’re in Samsung/LG/Sony/HTC/Nokia ETC.
Is it because of the LTE networks?
Is it because theyre cheaper to make?

Im a HUGE fan of the Exynos. I loved its predecessor (Hummingbird) in the SGS1 and to be perfectly honest, the fact that it wasnt in the SGS3 deterred me a bit.
Even the Galaxy Nexus had an OMAP – which wasnt bad either. Now the GNote2 has the Exynos and it is a monster, and the S3 still has a snapdragon – Bugs the heck out of me, please help me understand more about the Snapdragon. Why are they being put in almost EVERY device that releases now??