Will OUYA be vaporware?

Posted Aug 02, 2012 at 8:34 pm in Threads > Opinions

From +ian firth:

“Because we’ve seen this before (the Phantom console). We have a manager of GameFly launching a hardware company. There has been no angel investment, only Kickstarter. They don’t even have a website. Everything that has been shown to the public so far is poorly done 3d renderings with bad textures applied in Photoshop (dig that brushed aluminum).

Let’s look at marketing. “Cracking open the last closed platform: the TV”. The TV has never been a closed platform, it’s simply an output device, it’s a monitor. Most people use a monitor over a TV these days as they consume content from many sources. For those using a large HDTV in the living room we are still capable of routing any form of entertainment to it, and have been for many years.

Now developers. Big developers create games for platforms with tens of millions of users, not 50,000. There isn’t money in free, or F2P games with a market that small. Rovio made more money from their ad version than purchased version because 50 million people downloaded it. 50 million people aren’t going to buy a Ouya.

It’s a niche product for a hobby market (like the Raspberry Pi). 50,000 people have backed it, but 1 million Android phones are activated every day. That’s the market content creators are interested in.

If Ouya does manage to make it through manufacturing, and FCC approval, electrical approvals, patents, etc. then yes, it may fly. If developers can then spend next to zero dollars to add controller support to their Android mobile games and offerings it may work. But right now, current phones do everything it can do, and 500 million people already have one.

I’ll stand by this until the day the shroud is removed, and they show something, anything, that makes me believe it actually exists.”