Will Phones Ever Become Primary Gaming Consoles?

Posted Aug 14, 2012 at 3:58 pm in Threads > Games

Of all the games I have purchased form the play store few have truly grasped my attention and keep me playing for hours on end. The truth is when I want to kill zombies, or race cars ill never own I can’t really get into a game when im on the go. Even something as simple as sitting at the DMV won’t truly allow for a good record setting race. The only time you will set records on difficult games is at home or in the bathroom (going number 2). One other major issue is the touch screen controls, and as far as they have come, they can still only do so much. Which brings me to my main point, as good as Android games are getting, they will only really be played on larger screens at home, and with controllers.

The Two Types of Gaming Experiences:
In my opinion, all games on our Android phones break down into two main categories: simple yet fun games, and Complex games.

Simple Games

There is nothing wrong with simple games, in fact, I believe that the simple games such as Angry Birds, Osmos, and Flick Gulf are the best gemes for a phone platform. The are easy to play have great graphics and require little time when you are on the go. These simple games to me, are the limit of what phones are capable of doing and not according to processing power, but rather to playability.

Complex Games

We all know these games they usually sale for around $2.99 – $5.99. They have great graphs, and great story lines that often bare a striking resemblance to console games. This seams to be a major focus for many top game studios such as GameLoft. This is also a huge selling point for high end phone processors like NIVIDIA’s Tegra 3, and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4. Its one of the few reasons we are willing to shell out $299 and lock into a 2 year contract. But what good is a processor if these amazing games can’t truly be played?

The Solution

If phones are sold as gaming devices, why isn’t there a huge competitive market for gaming controllers that easily pair with the phones? I could be wrong here but what can these $100 Tegra 3 powered OUYA do that my Galaxy S 3 can’t. We simply need to have an easy way to hook up phones to tv’s, and great controllers that easily pair with our devices.
The technology already seems to be here with the HTC Media Link:

This along with the OUYA controller would make for a truly great gaming experience. Just imagine: You get home from work, set your phone down on the coffee table pick up a controller and begin playing on your TV. OUYA’s kickstart success shows that a lot of people are interested in getting our great Android games up on the big screen and I believe this company is just the start of many to come in a rapidly growing industry. Just give the phone industry a few more years and I’m sure we will have phones that will rival the processing power of todays gaming systems and have the accessories to fully play the games running on them.

So what do you guys think it would take for our phones to truly become gaming consoles?