Would You Buy a Nokia Android Device?

Posted Apr 18, 2013 at 3:38 am in Threads > Opinions

As we all know, Nokia has chosen to go with and stick with Windows Phone. Some may believe they made a bad choice but remember that Nokia’s popularity (and stock) decreased dramatically when they failed to enter the Android market when it was in its first iterations back in 2008.

In a market dominated by Apple on the iPhone side and Samsung, HTC and Motorola on the Android side Nokia made the wise (in my opinion) decision to choose to back Microsoft’s new OS, Windows 7. By doing so they have dominated the Windows 7/Windows 8 market, even if it is only on about 4% of smartphones today. This move will help Nokia build up some money and resources in order to dish out a massive production of a new Android device, should that happen.

If such a miracle were to happen, would you buy it? Most Nokia phones reign supreme when it comes to camera quality. Even the 2MP Nokia Nuron outdid my 5MP HTC Aria back in 2011.
But amazing camera quality aside, what other specs would convince you to buy a Nokia Android device? Would you like to see a Symbian-esque Android skin on it? Would you prefer a metal build over a plastic build (I would)? Anything else I’m missing?

I personally would most likely buy it instantly. :p