X-Link – Push files to and from your Android device. Hassle-free

Posted Aug 28, 2012 at 9:30 pm in Threads > Entertainment

Since Android 3.0, devices communicate via USB using the MTP protocol. Fine and dandy if you’ve got a Windows computer, and I think that Macs can download the appropriate drivers from Google, but us Linux users are out of luck, as MTP support is often unstable and often requires you to configure it via the command line. Also, wires are a hassle to carry around, newer devices don’t always come with Micro SD card slots, and what if you need to transfer files between two Android devices, and can not use Android Beam or Wifi Direct?

X-Link provides a hassle free to do so. No setup is necessary, as the devices will automagically detect each other, as long as the are in the same network. Need to transfer files between two Android devices? Simply enable Wifi hotshot on one of them, and transfer the files. There is also a desktop companion app, written in Java, meaning that it is cross platform.

Hassle free: no need to bluetooth pair the devices, configure ftp servers or network shares, no need to enter IP addresses or do any kind of setup, no need to first upload the file to the cloud, and then download it back, and the desktop companion app works with any computer that supports Java.

The GUI isn’t as polished as some other alternatives. Also, the desktop app can be a little confusing to use at the beginning, as people are not used to have to push files to and from their PCs. Also, no need for passwords, the receiver is the one who authorizes the transfer.

Final words:
As a Linux user, this app has put an end to endless frustration trying to get MTP to work consistently. Also, you can carry the companion app in your USB stick, and easily transfer files to your and from friends’ computers. The app just needs a more polished GUI to be perfect.

Score: 9/10


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