Your thoughts: Google is a horrible hardware distributor

Posted Jan 21, 2013 at 10:54 pm in Threads > Opinions

Before anyone starts cussing I want to say that this is just a reflection and thoughts of my own and well known experiences of other shoppers who bought a Nexus device in the past. As of now, I’ve owned the HTC Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and of course, not the Nexus 4 so I have my fair share of time and money invested in the Nexus program.

Google is a horrible hardware distributor. Yes, they do not manufacture devices but they often oversee and collaborate with other companies the production of the Nexus devices. With every release, there was been at least one major flaw in the launch of a Nexus device; this is so frequent that I expect it from Google and I don’t agree that it’s just another issue to disregard (their trending action).

Nexus One:

No one knew about it. This is Google and they run the most popular search of the time and now it is just becoming increasingly more popular. I forgot if they owned Youtube at the time but how much traffic do they get in a day? Did they ever release a link on the bottom of the main page letting people know of their knew phone and OS? Nope. No one but the avid tech followers knew about the release of the Nexus One. Needlessly to say, the launch was a bust and Google said they would discontinue the Nexus One and their online store and not make a successor phone.

Nexus S:

Same story. Not that popular. A little better release due to carrier adoption like T-Mobile in the USA and Rogers in Canada but still not that vastly chosen over the iPhone 4.

Galaxy Nexus:

The Verizon disaster. If you were a victim, you wouldn’t forget. Overall nothing too horrible about it. Google started advertising their products on their main page (*gasp) and but specs were trailing the already released Galaxy S2 by quite a bit.

Nexus 7:

Sold out everywhere. Delivery problems. Pre-order people got their tablets later than people who happened to bump into one at their local Walmart or London Drugs because their orders were delayed 2-4 weeks, and they still got charged for a non-refundable “express” shipping. Then hardware plagued problems. Lifted screens, flashing/flickering screens, wifi issues, squeeking/creaking battery cover. Horrible OEM support/return procedure. Worst of all, no communication through it all. Asus and Google really threw the ball down hard for this launch. Personally, my worst shopping experience my whole life.

Nexus 4:

Holy shit. Try to buy one. I dare you.

My whole rant comes to this: how many times does Google just get to shrug their shoulders and just say “Oh well, we’re not a hardware manufacturer” before they are accountable for the lackluster releases of the Nexus line. My shopping experience with the Nexus 7 was the reason I stayed away from the Nexus 4 and I feel that if Google doesn’t get their act together, it is going to push new Android adopters away and back to iOS. One thing that Apple does extremely well is that they get their devices known and to customers’ hands…FAST. Google shouldn’t get that many screw-ups and still have those executives paid millions on millions.

Food for thought :) I want to hear what you guys think of this and feel free to share your troubles/horror stories trying to get a Nexus device.