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7 Complaints About Android Market

The Android Market has to be one of my favorite features on my phone.  I have been checking it almost daily since the October 22nd launch of the T-Mobile G1.  This past week we saw the Android Market updated with several new features.  Two of the biggest user complaints from the beta were addressed with the feature to notify of new updates and the ability to mark comments as spam.

Even with the new updates, the market is lacking in many areas.  Since Google has responded well to criticism, I would like to offer some of my own suggestions.  Let me know what you think of my ideas and read to the end to learn how to send your questions directly to Google and get a response.

A welcome addition.

A welcome addition.

1. Allow URLs in description to launch browser.  Developers always place links to important information in their descriptions, but you are unable to click them.  Instead you have to launch your browser then type in the URL.  This is annoying and can be difficult with long URLs.

2. The ability to clear Market cache.  If you have owned your phone for several months or downloaded a lot of applications and games, you have seen the low disk space warning.  When users go to manage their applications, they find that Market is using up to 29MB.  Give us the ability to manually clean this up.

3. A popularity list for daily, weekly, monthly.  You can currently browse the applications by popularity or date.  Only the all time stats are shown with the popularity option.  I want to see the popularity by different time frames so I can see trends and find whats hot.  Atrackdog offers this feature but I want it inside the application.

4. Sorting reviews by star rating.  Most sites with customer reviews allow you to view the amount of ratings for each star rating and then drill down to each one.  This allows you to find the complaints and praises easily.  You can also see if there is a big difference between 1s and 5s and how all votes are distributed.



5. Long press options on user reviews.  I want more options when I long press a comment.  Maybe the review is really detailed and I want to add that user as a favorite to find their other reviews.  With favorite users added, Google could suggest new apps to us based on others behavior.  We can now spam comments but there are a lot of users I would just rather block.  Finally, it would be nice to contact the user to answer a question they might have asked.

6. Support for tagging applications.  There are categories and a search function, but it is still hard to find certain applications.  By adding user tagging, relevant apps could be linked on the details page.  This would let the user evaluate competing applications and pick the best.  Time stamp info would be nice too.

7. Favorite Developers.  Give me the option to star a developer so I can see when he releases other applications.  There are a lot of good devs who release multiple apps and it would be a plus to get updates on their actions.  Some have chosen to use Twitter, but why not just build it in.

If you would like to get involved, I encourage you to voice your concerns by visiting the Android Market Help Forums.  Here you can post questions that Google employees might respond to.  I have tried to get comments on two of my ideas but there have been no responses.


Look for the green check to find Google employees.

If you want to find the post that have responses from Google employees, look for the post that are marked with a green checkmark.  Also be sure to click the link “show all answers” to see if there are more official comments from Google.

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  • Mike

    Site looks really nice on my G1. Now if we only had Flash!

  • http://clarklab.net clark

    Good list. I’m sure these will get sorted out soon enough. Number 1 would drive me crazy. Unclickable links?!

    • http://www.androidandme.com admin

      You can actually link to an email address but not a website.

  • http://www.skipvision.com/blog Dave

    Nice & well thought-out list! However, I am surprised to see nothing about the review spam/idiocy problem.

    My best idea for handing review spam:
    1) Let users flag reviews as foul/unhelpful/etc
    2) Google analyzes these flagging results, and then automatically hides the notoriously bad reviews from *all* users (unless they turn this option off, etc).

    Really, the same approach could be used in the opposite manner as well — let users flag the good/helpful reviews as well, and give users the option to see these first and foremost, etc.

  • http://www.skipvision.com/blog Dave

    Oops, on second glance I totally missed the fine print on complaint #5, where you already cover the review problem. Disregard previous comment.

  • mike O

    some good suggestions for updates…

    * G1 needs a much improved picture camera that takes quiker and more crisp pics, the current version is inferior (maybe a softeware update)

    *wallpapers should no HAVE to be cropped, when using an image from camera or internet img

    *mms (when receiving) really needs work. we should be able to see mms attached media & pics full screen

    *one long word “longerbatterylifeneeded”

    *in picture gallery, we should be able to delete more than one picture at a time ( maybe several at once )

    *screen multi-touch capabilities would be nice (zoom in and out by “pinching” the screen)

    *flash flash flash, good quality video player and microsoft exchange email should all be standard on the android platform..afterall, I hope they didn’t think the G1 in the color white was enuf to compete witht the iphone

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  • Cintra

    I would like to be able to edit previous searches. As it is, clicking on a previous search retries that search word, so you have to re-enter a similar word anew.

    Think minimize key strokes..

  • kot

    What is more – enable paying for apps for other countries. Poland can’t even see paid apps. it’s a pity….

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  • http://Website Mark

    You’re wrong about not being able to clear cashe; it’s easy actually. All you need to do is:

    Home->System Settings->Applications->Manage Applications

    Here, click Menu select Filter and pick All.

    Look at the list, Market will be on it. Click on Market and then click on Clear Cache.

    Hope this helps…

  • http://Website Scott

    Great suggestions. Most of these are still needed to this day. I hate the spam messages. It seems if google really wanted to stop the spam, they could do it very easily.

  • http://Website greg

    I hate about the market is the update with the newer look its harder 2 press buttons and it look very like iphone jailbroken walmartish not profession buttons not centered or don’t look centered and u can’t update many apps at once is it just my fone (LG Ally) or is some1 else expiriencing this

  • http://Website Danny

    I don’t seem to hear anyone voicing concerns about the QUALITY of the apps on the market.
    I would say that 90% of what I’ve downloaded has
    had issues..force closes, failure to connects,you name it..All downloads where made using a full WI-FI signal..New Phone running the now outdated 2.1
    OS..And also why do they need so much personal
    imfo..access your contact list,phone calls etc..I find this to be very intrusive..