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Dear Dana White, Please Take My Android Money

Dear Dana,

We met once and I know you are a man who likes to please his customers.  I wish my Time Warner PPV was available in HD, but I realize even you can’t fix that problem.  However, there is one thing you can do for me.  Please take my Android money.

What the heck am I talking about?  I’m one of your target customers, male 18-35.  As you know, us kids love our YouTubes and mobile phones.  I have watched several of your video blogs on my phone.  As great as each episode is, I am not a satisfied UFC customer.  I want more and I’m willing to pay for it.

I see you attempted a mobile website, but I must say it needs to be scrapped.  Poor navigation provides a very unfriendly experience and you do not offer the content I want.  Let me school you on a few things your premium mobile customers would take advantage of.

Please bring the full UFC Vault to the mobile platform.  You already offer video on demand services.  All you need is a user friendly interface and an improved payment method.  I would easily be willing to spend .99 to stream a single fight to my phone.  I like to watch old fights before I make my fantasy picks and I’m sure there are many others out there who like to recap old matches.

Speaking of fantasy sports, you could also release a mobile app that allows you to make your picks and view live results.  Every now and then I forget to make my picks, but if I had an easy interface on my phone I would be more likely to play.  My friends and I like to see how our points are adding up as we watch the fights live, but your server always lags out.  Fans who watch UFC also want to play fantasy UFC, most of them just don’t know it yet.  You need to make it more user friendly.  Fantasy UFC only encourages our interest in the fights which increases PPV buys.  It also encourages watching old UFC matchups which would increase your VOD buys.

The Android platform would also serve as a good way to sell merchandise during the events.  As a fighter walks out to the cage, you could tap a button on your phone and buy his team’s shirt or hat.  Tap another button and purchase the mp3 of his entrance music.  Tap another button and preview his old fights.  Tap another button and buy tickets for the next UFC event.

Another benefit of the mobile platform is using your Android device as a companion to watching the event.  Easily pull up a fighters record and get detailed stats.  See live punch stats after every round.  Submit your own score card for each round.  You already take txt votes for whos favored to win the main event.  Why not poll us on every single round?  Again, there are fantasy implications with this as well.  You could also push out other updates during the fights including ads.

I could probably go on another 1000 words, but I think you get my point.  The UFC is one of the premier international sports organizations out there.  I think you already excel in so many ways and I want to see that trend continue.  Take full advantage of the mobile platform and you will increase revenues, turn more viewers into fans, and  continue to grow at a rapid pace.

No sports organization has delivered a compelling mobile experience.  Will you be the one?

Bobby P.

["Please Take My Android Money" is a new weekly series focused on persuading select big industry leaders to innovate in the mobile space and take advantage of the powerful Android platform.]

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  • http://clarklab.net clark

    I’d love to see what Red can come up with on a mobile site. Dana you need to throw some more money at those dudes pronto. That work they do on the event mini-sites is unreal.

  • http://mma.mydamndinner.com sempixel

    There is MMA Schedule application otherwise… Kind of alternative :)

  • http://Website Kade Beatty

    I think your request is right on the money. I have doing UFC Fantasy for over a year now and having something like this would be awesome. I know I would pay and I know my buddies would too. We are actually in the process of taking UFC Fantasy to the next level. If interested, hit me up with an email.

  • http://Website kdog

    I want this too!

  • http://Website T

    Someone at Zuffa needs to give my boy a job! Great ideas…Now i’m just pissed that there isn’t something like this already. Kudos on the “live punch stats” idea!