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Mystique – First Person Horror Game for Android

Here is another new game I purchased on the Android Market.  Mystique is from developer Bendroid.  It is a puzzle game where you have to escape from a dark room filled with ghost.  Not exactly the Quake I was asking for this week, but still a first person 3d game.  For only 99c, I think it is a nice demo of what the G1 is capable of doing.  I look forward to the next Chapter in this game to see if they improve on the graphics.  I think they got the controls pretty spot on.  It would be nice to adjust the sensitivity though.

[If you are looking for a walkthrough, we posted one here.]

Author info coming soon...

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  • http://www.androidandme.com Admin

    Finally beat the game. I got stuck when I couldn’t find the flash light. I want chapter 2!

    • robert taylor

      number two,of mystique is awesome,there is a lot of looking,locked doors,and it will get u wondering why u r playing it,lol,it seems to never end,no matter what u find,lol,i have collected two keys,fextinguisher,axe,(which u can get again,same place),hypo needle,scalpal,heater,water container,pencil,paper,drill,screwdriver,lighter,cardkey,ad the list goes on,but it seems u never get the right stuff,u need….there is no code for thesafe,or the computer in the office,so have fun with it,lol

  • http://www.whatgp.com X

    where’s the flashlight?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Admin

      Under the tub on the left side…

  • kevcfc1888

    Ok I’ve found the key, the flashlight, the hammer, the shaver the tape stuff and I’ve opened the tool box and I’ve broken the wall with the hammer but now I’m stuck, nd a bit of help?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Admin

      Lol, maybe I should write a guide. Use the screw driver on the shaver after it is charged. Then take the batteries and put them in the flash light. I think you can make it from there….

      • dylan

        Hey I charged it and when I took the skewer driver and did it it dident work

    • robert taylor

      after breaking the wall use thepliers to get the wire,attache it to the grinder,plug it in and go to the door,use it to go around the door,next is part two,follow the girl…..

    • robert taylor

      oh,also tape the wires or it wont work

  • will

    Hi. Please could you explain how to use one item on another? Probably being really dumb here!

    • http://www.androidandme.com Admin

      Ok, I’m writing a strategy guide when I have time to take screen shots. The game is only about 3 mins long after you beat it.

    • tealeaf

      Double-click on the item in the menu so that it shows in the middle of the screen, then click once on another item. You can then use that item on the one in the middle of the screen.

      It confused me a bit when I first needed to do it.

  • kaybee

    I need help…. all I’ve been able to find are the tape, saw, flashlight, and razor… what do I do now? I can’t get the toolbox open.

    • Matthew

      You need a key…

    • robert taylor

      did u look under the tub?in the toilet tank?drain the tub,and use the tooth brush to get the key in the drain?toolbox key is in the tub of blood

  • Hannah

    Where is the key?

  • hannah

    Where is the key??

  • melissa

    beat it on my first try i love this game would like to play chapter two

  • http://www.bpgradio.com Ernest Grumbles

    This is a visually interesting and spooky game. Good testament to the power of the G1 and the possibilities. As for comments above, they helped me after after I got stuck. Most useful: combining objects.

    Good luck on getting out. And looking forward to more fun from bendroid.com

  • mandm

    where are the batteries?

  • http://Website disha

    this is pissin me off now lol ow the hell do I get the batteries out of the shaver! it won’t let me !

    • robert taylor

      u think this chapter one is making u mad,wait til u get to #2 or #3

  • http://Website bikermom

    What is the combination for the keypad in chapter 3? i’m stuck at that door.

  • http://Website bjw

    I am a an absolute fan of Survival/Horror genre games and this has just peeked my interest. I would love to see Bendroid combine several chapters of this game into one. Now THAT would be great!

  • http://Website Celso

    I played it on mytouch 3g slide and let me tell you that using the touchpad to move sucks! The game didn’t scare me but it was difficult. It took me about 15 minutes. On to chapter 2.

  • http://Website Sophieee

    Can you download this on ipod touch 4?? my mate has it on her htc desire hd n i want it soo bad??

  • laianne

    i have chapter 2. not done yet playing!

  • Joe

    I have downloaded Mystique twice on my Kindle Fire and for some reason I don’t see the Menu where you can retrieve all the different items? What do you recommend I do?

  • Peter

    There’s a new horror game for Android Coming soon on July 2012. Check it out. Looks cool