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Twitter Client Roundup for Android

Update: When I posted this review I was very new to Twitter.  I plan on updating this story when the site launches and including more in depth information.  In the mean time, you should be using Twidroid.

I have been a subscriber of many social sites over the years, but I had never tried Twitter until after I purchased my Android phone.  I noticed very early on that the Android Market had several different applications for interacting with Twitter.  Today I decided to download and test each one to see what appealed best for a new user.

The following are the 6 applications I was able to find in the market:

As you can see, only 3 of the applications actually have a Twitter feed for you to follow the development and new releases.  It should come as no surprise to learn that these are the most frequently updated.  Since I already spent all day messing with these apps, I’ll spare you all the criticism of the poor apps and force closes and get right to the point.

Twidroid is the best Android client for Twitter hands down.  As a new Twitter user, I found the program easy to setup and the user interface is very clean.  At the moment I am writing this, I have uninstalled all the clients except Twidroid which will remain my client of choice.

Here is a summary of the features for Twidroid:

  • Full-featured twitter client
  • GPS location support
  • Directly integrated photo-posting from cam or disk via phodroid.com
  • Directly integrated search through all public tweets
  • Background notifications for replies & direct messages
  • Auto layout for landscape and portrait mode
  • Custom alert ringtones
  • API to send tweets from your android application

You can find the latest release notes for Twidroid here.

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