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Android Bounty II: Mobile Quake

Update: This bounty has been claimed.

When we launched the first Android Bounty last month, I was nervous about how it would be accepted by the Android community.  My fears were laid to rest by two awesome developers who stepped up to meet the challenge and went on to release their own applications.  Alec and Justin, thank you for your support and hard work.

Today, we are proud to announce Android Bounty II:  Mobile Quake.  Yes, we are going to bring Quake to the Android mobile platform.  I know this is possible and I’m excited to see what the community can come up with.

I actually believe this Bounty will be quite easy for someone to acheive.  Quake was first released in 1996 and the source code was released by 1999.  In 2002, Quake was ported to the Pocket PC.  Believe it not, Quake was even demoed on early G1 hardware by Andy Rubin.  Now is the time to bring it to all Android users.

In order to claim this Bounty, we have two requirements:

  1. Port Quake to Android in a playable format.
  2. Enable multiplayer over WiFi.

As for the Bounty rules, we are making a few changes so take note.

  • If you would like to accept the challenge, send us your info and we will maintain a list of everyone involved on this page.
  • The first developer or team to send us a working .apk will be awarded the winner.
  • The developer is free to do whatever they like with the code after that, but we encourage you to make it available to all Android users.

In order to guarentee the Bounty, we will be using PayPal which will allow anyone to donate money(see link at bottom).   All money donated, will go directly to the developer.  The preferred method of payment to the winner will also be PayPal, but we can make other arrangements if necessary.

So what do you get for donating to the bounty?

  • A free copy of the working application.
  • Text link on this page for donations over $10
  • 125×125 Banner on this page for donations over $25
  • 468×60 Banner on this page for donations over $50
  • A tingle up your leg knowing you contributed to bringing multiplayer gaming to Android.

What does the developer get?

  • Experience and a better understanding the Android platform.
  • The full power of Android and Me to promote your application.
  • (Optional) Have your work published by Android and Me on the Market.
  • The chance to market your skills and talents to a large Android community.
  • Make new contacts that will lead to further work.

Let the games begin!  If you have any questions, please don’t hold back.  If you want to flame us, we encourage that too.  Make your voice heard so we can continue to improve and expand the Android Bounty program.  The more people that donate, the sooner we will see this released.  Bookmark this page or subscribe to our RSS feed for updates.

Current Developers:  TBA

Current Bounty:  $261 (22 donations)

(Payments will be held with PayPal until this Bounty is complete and then transferred to the winner.)



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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Thanks to everyone who donated so far. We are working to promote it and recruit a dev. Sponsors section will go up later today.

  • nEx.Software

    While I would love to participate in this… I remember playing Quake… I still have the original CD-ROM I think… It is way above my ability. I may be able to scrape a few dollars to donate though.

    Good luck to those who participate.

    • Clark Wimberly

      Anyone can participate just by helping us spread the word. You’re about to be big time (I just bought your app the other day, looking solid!), hook us up with some link lovin’

  • VITO

    If this bounty is half as successful as the first we will be playing quake in no time….

  • Shonzilla

    id Software has released Quake source code which is C code.
    Does anyone know of a Java port of Quake? A usable one…


  • Taylor Wimberly

    Here is the iPhone version of Wolfenstein in action.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Haha and Quake 3 engine on iPhone…

  • Taylor Wimberly

    Ok, I am done searching for now. Found 1 more guy who ported this to the Nokia N95 which also has an ARM based processor.

    So far I have contacted every person I could find who has created a Quake port. I emailed id Software. Heck, I even emailed Andy Rubin from the video. Hopefully, we will hear from someone soon. Keep the donations coming. Thanks.

  • Quakeboy

    Guys I don’t think getting C/C++ source code for other mobiles will help porting..

    even java desktop port of quake can help better

  • r1k0

    What does Android and Me get from all this?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      We get nothing. All the money goes to the dev. Each one of these Bounties is an exercise in bringing ideas into action. As we progress, there will be more complex bounties with larger cash prizes.

      We are just here to help and promote the community.

      I made contact with about 5 devs today and it looks like this will most likely get started soon. We might be hosting it on Google Code if everyone is agreeable. Still getting more details.

  • r1k0

    Your initiative is laudable and indeed I think it’s a good idea to promote Android communities because I believe that the Android platform has lots of potential.
    I was just wondering what is the ultimate benefit for Android and Me from such an initiative, but I guess that all the publicity resulting from this will help grow a nice community around the site and also bring in some profit.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, these first couple of bounties were just for my own pleasure. I thought up the torrent idea and now the community has Torrent Droid and BarTor thanks to Alec and Justin.

      I was addicted to Unreal Tournament back in 99 and I have been a fan of first person shooters ever since. I can’t wait till we get some competitive multiplayer games on Android.

      We are just trying to use our powers for good. After we get a few more under our belt, we are really going to improve the whole Bounty process.

  • r1k0

    I wish you lots of success with the bounties, and regarding the Quake bounty, I think the best idea is to port something that was already ported in Java like Bytonic’s Quake 2 port – Jake 2.

  • Munky

    You should go check the andriod market a.s.a.p a nice, pretty stable release of doom has been put. Its very nice and runs smooth… hate the controlls however :P

  • Mark

    Hmm might try this, sounds like a fun project. On the same note, if anyone knows a good site that has tutorials on writing an SNES emulator please let me know, I’d like to take a shot at writing one for android.

  • nEx.Software

    What? Still no takers? Come on, my $20 is there for the taking. If it goes much longer I’ll have to try to earn my $20 back…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’ve been contacted by 6-8 people who are interested. I have some solid leads, but no one has volunteered to head up the project.

      I’m thinking more and more this might be a group project instead of an individual one.

      We will continue to raise funds and promote this in hopes of completing the bounty ASAP.

  • nEx.Software

    Ah, OK. Cool, I’d help out too, if needed.
    Even if it’s just testing and such…

  • sfdd

    Just so you guys know there has been a ported, fully function version of doom on the andriod market for a few days now. It does not have multiplyer but it is ported…

  • michael

    Any progress here yet Taylor?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Still no leader has stepped up, but many are interested. I’m going to follow up with several people today.

  • Chris

    rigamrts- “As far as a paid app for quake nobody would dare do it id software released the source for free not to be used to make profit if someone did try to sneak a paid version without id’s consent id would sue the snot out of the even asking for donations is kinda frowned apon you either do the project or don’t and don’t charge or I’ll rat you out to id when I find it. It’s their game not yours to charge for”

    source: XDA Developer Forums…


  • eleminop

    there is a quake preview in the market now, a little slow though.

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    Well, someone’s definitely working on Quake for Android: A preview of the game is on the Market.

  • Medjai

    Problem with making FPS games as apps you’ll need to make it multi-touch capable. So that you have the ability to move around and shoot at the same time

  • born2die

    Hi everyone,

    so now we got the Native Development Kit, so i think it should be more easy to Port Quake to Android. So i must learn C/C++ again and start porting that peace of code =)
    I hope we got Quake one time!



    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, that might play a huge role in this project. It is not dead, just resting. There will be more updates in the coming week related to Quake.

      I also have a story coming up about a new product that could benefit first person shooter games on Android.

  • Matt

    Unfortunately the NDK isn’t near a state where the full development of a game is possible, there are only basic c and c++ libs (libc, libm, jni, zlib and liblog). The bounty will still have to be met in java where there is OpenGL ES for now.

    • nEx.Software

      Agreed. OpenGL ES is in the roadmap for the NDK though, so we’ll see how long it takes to make it out to the wild. The current NDK does appear to give a good increase to physics type calculations (Box2D has already been made to work: so we should see at least some gaming improvements come from the NDK even before we get OpenGL and Audio support.

      • Matt

        Nice, thanks for the heads up on Box2D. I feel I may be wasting many hours messing around with it now. Box2D references Bullet as being similar for the 3d world, I wonder if it’s possible to get it to work on the current NDK now too.

        • nEx.Software

          I’m sure that if Bullet can be done on Android, it will be done on Android. :)

  • jeyries

    I’mworking on it . some demo APK available here :
    Tested on HTC G2 .
    Comments welcome !

    • Green_Monster

      You’re awesome!

  • gib

    Tested jeyries’ Q2 on my HTC Magic. It works nicely.

    As his site mentions, no controls yet but you can watch the demo run.

    Seems like it will run at a playable fps with a bit of tweaking.

  • GodLike

    any updates?

  • tripstyle

    It can’t be long now! Q1/2/3 on android would be fantastic.. with the scroller / keyboard & camera trigger we can play just as we would on the PC. Making it more playable than on any other mobile platform ;-)

  • jeyries

    version 1.2 is out there :
    (note: url changed)
    we have added audio, controls and more…

    Arrr’ me will plunder that damm booty !

    • Sven Killig

      Just returns to the home screen for me (Galaxy) ;-(

      • Sven Killig

        D/ 3312): Added packfile /sdcard/baseq2/pak0.pak (1106 files)
        D/ 3312): couldn’t exec default.cfg
        D/ 3312): couldn’t exec config.cfg
        D/ 3312): Console initialized.
        D/ 3312): ——- Loading ——-
        D/ 3312): is hard linked
        D/ 3312): before GetRefAPI
        D/ 3312): after GetRefAPI
        D/ 3312): before re.Init
        D/ 3312): ref_gl version: GL 0.01
        E/ 3312): Couldn’t load pics/colormap.pcx
        I/ActivityManager( 1059): Process com.jeyries.quake2 (pid 3312) has died.

      • Sven Killig

        Sooorry, I got the wrong pak file. Now it works :-)

    • gpl

      and the source code??

  • Sean

    Now that the platform is getting some real traction, I think its time to take another look at this…

    First, this isn’t a one man job. This project started off in the right direction – multiplayer with wi-fi. Yet the goals weren’t specific enough. For instance, this should be a Quakeworld port. Not just Quake… and that is just the tip of the iceberg…

    What developers have expressed interest to date?

    There needs to be a standard platform for development. The baseline platform – I think the Samsung Moment is the right choice.

  • KB

    Shouldn’t the Motorola Droid with its OpenGL 2.0 capable GPU and Android 2.0 (OpenGL ES 2.0) be strongly considered as a platform to optimize for?

  • Tobias Domhan

    is this bounty still ongoing?

    • http://Website Jeff Uberstine

      ya, but it will prob never be claimed. The NAZI’s fragged android ports

  • jeyries

    Hi Taylor, can you check here :
    I believe that will fulfill your requirement …
    BR, julien.

  • http://Website Patrick

    Julien’s implimentation looks great.
    I actually pulled 50fps on a overclocked Droid.

    really impressive. Give the man his money.