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Free G1 Batteries To Thank My RSS Readers

Almost one month has passed since I began blogging and we just hit 100 RSS subscribers.  It might be a small number to you, but it is a milestone for me.  To show my appreciation, I would like to give away two extended life batteries for the T-Mobile G1.

To enter the contest, just do something to promote our site and then leave a comment here.  You could post a link to us on your blog, Tweet, or anything else you can show proof of.  Just include a link in your comment so I can verify it.  In order to qualify, you must live in the US due to shipping charges.

The contest will run for one week from today.  Next Friday, we will randomly select two winners.  Be sure to leave your email when you comment so we have a way to contact you.

I know you want a bigger battery

I know you want a bigger battery

Stay tuned to our site for more give aways like this.  As the site continues to grow, we will be doing more and more contests you can participate in.  We have some exciting changes coming up including a site redesign and bringing on board more writers.  I am hoping to create a more community feel for the site, but any suggestions you guys have I would like to hear.

Thank you,
Android and Me Staff

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  • Michael Martin

    I can definitely use the extra MaH battery and u know I plugged your site on Google And Blog previously ;)

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • Aravind

    Extra battery sounds really nice :)

  • Thomas Stenitzer

    no need to give away some hardware. just keep on doing great work ;-)

  • NJ Hewitt

    Hey, I’m one of your 100, assuming you’re including Google Reader subs. Am not a G1 owner, so don’t worry about entering me in your compo. Just thought I’d let you know I pay attention to your blog as an aid to helping me decide which Android device to get when my current mobile contract expires in late (northern hemi) summer. Will hopefully be spoiled for choice by then!

  • Roy

    If you are handing them out, then I am going to enter the competition. I really like, because it always has actual articles and not just rumors about other android devices. I think the extra attracted attention that I will draw, will come from my article on Locale.

  • Michael

    I’m one of the 100 as well, and I’m happy to help spread the word – i read a couple of android blogs and this one is my favorite, so I started a facebook group for fans:

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    I won’t lie to you, I did find this blog for the sole purpose of winning a free battery, but looking through the site, I’d have to say you’ve got a great thing on your hands. You guys are doing a great job in writing, too- keep up the good work!

    Buuuuut, of course, I do still want that battery. I’m a writer for Ripten, a video game blog, but I promoted you guys on my personal blog on Tumblr, since I’m not sure my boss would be so happy with me making a post on the site that’s not about games. Here’s the link:

    Once again, keep up the good work! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed (101!) so I can keep up with the site as well.

    Demi Adejuyigbe

  • Demi Adejuyigbe

    Er, I think my comment didn’t show up.

  • Anil
  • Colin Dean
  • Stacey Brazier

    I am just a regular person who bought a g1 because I love and use google for lots of things and thought the phone would be cool! My 4 kids are totally impressed that Mom is so connected…my husband, not so much. I am fascinated by all the activity surrounding the phone and the developers, and am truly enjoying this site. I would LOVE to win an extra battery because I USE my phone like crazy everywhere I go!! Thanks for the opportunity! I’m promoting you on my facebook page to 200+ friends (Stacey Berger Brazier).

  • Bruce Hutchinson
  • Bob Rose

    Nice blog!

    I added you to my feeds, Tweets, and Links area:

    Extra batteries, that’s something we can all use! ;-)

  • James check out my twitter to my followers Noted both your site and your Twitter account.

  • James

    Ok also added you to the Android page at Re/DDit

  • Bijan A.
  • Max W.

    I recently found your blog and I love it! I mentioned your blog and added you to my rss feed and then saw the contest. I made a tweet about your blog so count me in for the battery contest.


  • Max W.

    Ahem well ill try this again as I don’t think my comment showed up.

    I recently added you to my rss feed and promoted you on my twitter account, then I managed to find your contest section. I would love a new battery! You’ve got a great blog here and I’m looking forward to new posts.

    Check out the blub on my twitter @


  • AustinTech81

    I could really use an extra G-1 battery. I advertised you guys on my twitter account: and on my Youtube account:

  • Ankush

    I could really use an extra battery, too…

  • Adam
  • Cristina

    Love your blog! (Under “Sites that amuse me” on the right).

  • Kevin E

    I just got my G1 a couple days ago and was surfing the internet and came across your site. I love it! I found all kinds of info on here and have done nothing but play with my G1.

    Thanks for the great site!

    I spread the word about your site on my personal site and other social networking sites:
    also on facebook, plaxo and linkedin!

    I’ll even try to get you on!

    Thanks again for the info and keep it coming!

  • Kyle

    Loving the info man.
    Cheers Kyle

  • Duniel D


    I wish I can win these extra battery. By the way, I’m not sure why nobody has mentioned anything but is one of the best G1 Websites and I’m going to be contributing to it once I start getting good with my G1.


    • Taylor Wimberly

      Stay tuned. More free batteries are on the way soon…..

  • Crystal

    Sounds SUPER!