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Torrent Droid Preview. First Android Bounty Winner Announced.

Several weeks ago we launched a project called Android Bounty.  By offering incentives to developers, we hoped to  encourage them to code new ideas.  Our first run was a little bumpy, but we acheived what we set out to do.  Today I would like to announce our first Bounty winner and give you a preview of his application.

Torrent Droid Home Screen

Torrent Droid Home Screen

New visitors can read the original article, but our first idea we set out to create was a Torrent client for Android that could also scan barcodes.  The idea sprouted as a technology demonstration to explore the potential, marketable uses of Torrent files.  Even though Torrent files are sometimes associated with piracy, there are many commercial uses for distributing media.  We do not condone the use of piracy.

Several developers stepped up to the challenge, but Alec Holmes was the first to produce a working application and claim the bounty.  His app is named Torrent Droid and meets all the requirements we set.  Following is a short video demonstration of the app in use.

Alec had this message to share:

“This version of Torrent Droid is a work in progress but the video shows the core features work. The full consumer version will be released within a month. I enjoyed making this application, and look forward to releasing it soon! To stay up to date visit

(YouTube video link)

Call me crazy for uploading this to YouTube, but I wanted to show the app in use.  All DVDs seen in the video were purchased by me from Amazon.  In this short video I scan a DVD barcode, locate a torrent, and send the file to my laptop.  For speed purposes, I performed this demo over a local WiFi network.  However, I have also tested it over the Edge network and had no problems.

Torrent Droid Settings

Torrent Droid Settings

Stay tuned to our site and Alec’s for further developements on this app.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or hate mail, please leave a comment.  We are also accepting ideas for our next Android Bounty contest.  Hopefully for the next contest we can atract more pledges and sponsors to offer a larger bounty prize.

Even if you do not care for this application, do you think the Android Bounty program is something to expand?

UPDATE: Torrent Droid is now featured on TorrentFreak.

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