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4 Tips For Improving Battery Life On Your Android G1

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an extra couple hours out of your T-Mobile G1 battery?  Some people remain in doubt, but the G1 battery problems have been well documented.  Even after all the tricks and hacks, users have to constantly “manage” their battery each day.  It is often the first thing we look at when turning on our screens.  If you ever miss a night of charging, you are certainly screwed.

If you are still frustrated with the current battery technology, please read our tips.  They have been tested by a group of G1 users and guaranteed to work every time.  The users in our testing reported a 34% increase in average battery time.

1. Turn off all the features of your phone.  Customers who have contacted T-Mobile and complained about their battery life have been told to turn off features such as WiFi, GPS, and 3G.  We go further to suggest uninstalling any apps which attempt to access these features.  In fact, we do not recommend downloading any apps from the Android Market.  These apps use up CPU cycles which drains your precious battery life.

2. Use a land line or borrow a friend’s phone.  It has also been reported that if you make fewer phone calls with your G1 you can increase your battery life 57%.  Whenever possible, use a land line or borrow a friends cell phone.  If you have no friends, you could also purchase a 2nd phone and line from T-Mobile for $9 extra a month.

Never worry about low battery level again

Never worry about low battery level again

3. Purchase extra charges for every room of your house and get a car charger.  By constantly having your phone plugged in, you can avoid any unnecessary drain on your battery.  If you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time, you can look into getting a solar charger.

4. Order a couple extended batteries and charging dock.  High capacity batteries are beginning to show up on Ebay and Amazon.  You might have trouble fitting the G1 in your pocket with one installed, so we suggest getting a belt clip.  Another solution is to purchase several extra batteries and a charging dock.  With 3 extra batteries at your side, you should be able to get through the work day.

p.s. eestor, where the heck is that barium titanate super capacitor already???

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  • konstantin

    And what if I just switch off my G1 ? =)) Perhaps battery life will be increased on 100% =))

    • Admin

      It might be difficult to visit our site with your phone turned off so we do not recommend that method.

  • marc

    I can’t tell if this article is serious or not—but i hope not :)

  • froogloid

    I started reading this and thought, what the hell are they saying… ohhhh, humor, I get it :) haha nice :)

    I actually carry around a 3 ft x 3ft solar panel everywhere I go. Sure, it’s bulky and not very stylish, but I’ve bedazzled the corners with rhinestones…. I really think it’s going to catch on.

  • Ethan

    Classic, bedazzled.

    Honestly though, why not just manage your apps witha task manager, and keep the 3g, WiFi, and GPS off when not needed, that’s what I do and I can get all the calls I need + standby time on my phone, giving me enough time to IM and read feeds during lunch.

    A lot of the complaints stem from almost constant use of heavy processing apps, not realistic use from people who work full time jobs. =)

  • Simo

    This is stupid! There are plenty of ways of making the G1 last through the day without sacrificing almost anything. Mine goes through the day and i have 2G+GPS+Wifi on all the time.

    Best way, condition the battery. If you havent noticed, the battery will last eternity when its in its last 15%. That is because it does not know where its limit is. If you let your phone drain out completely once in a while, then i will last up to 5 or 6 hrs more!

    • Ben

      Totally – letting it drain all the way – no memory is not true for these batts. I was down to a couple hours or so max batt life because my laptop kept turning off the charging partway up and the portable chargers ran out before it completed. Started letting go down all the way and turning off the wifi, Loc and GPS and get two days use sometimes depending on number of calls.

  • Ben

    Search the app store for an app called ‘Toggle Settings’. It’s really handy and allows ‘Profiles’ to quickly manage your settings. I actually made it through a workday with only one charge! I’ve noticed that the two biggest battery eaters are GPS and 3G. Turned them off most of the day and got a good bit longer life.

  • al

    just checked market – there’s no such app called that. bah

  • saklas

    Useful Switch is very good for power management on the G1. :)

    neat GUI for switching ON/OFF ringer/vibration, wifi, gps, wifi location, bluetooth, airplane mode, auto sync, 2G/3G.
    also allows quick access to screen brightness and screen timeout.

    it’s also a niffy display for your memory (SD card and internal) and battery life in percentage.

  • Wooz

    I cant really tell if your serious here or not..

    The points are bollocks if you are, badly written, total lack of research…

    Use a landline.. why the hell do you buy a phone in the first place if your going to resort to using a landline?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      it was a joke….lol

  • pfaudere

    I totally agree with the recommendation to download Useful Switchers. It’s a bit sad that this is such a problem, but Useful Switchers consolidates all the settings one would toggle to save battery into a single app.

    Anyone who is saying battery life isn’t an issue for the G1 has most certainly not spent time with a Blackberry device. I use a Curve for work and typically get three to four days per charge. I don’t give a single thought to the Curve’s battery life, but have to check my G1′s battery percentage every few hours because I’m lucky to make it 36 hours between charges.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my G1 (and everything it stands for), but battery life is a MAJOR concern, and I feel T-Mobile or HTC should do something to rectify the problem.

    • http://Website gavida

      I used a bb for 10+ years, loved the email portion and hated the fact that the browser wasn’t a real browser. I loved the droid for the first 5 days, and have become completely frustrated with battery life. GPS is left inactive, backlight completely minimized, timeout… 30seconds etc… The bottom line is it that it is a a poor design on Motorola. They need to fix this for future phones or they will not sell.

  • Shane

    Surely though when you keep your phone on charge that will reduce the overall capacity of the battery. Or are batteries modern enough to cope with this.

    • chancellor

      That’s what I was thinking too. Batteries usually have a certain number of charges in their lifetime and charging it constantly is certainly not gonna “Improve Battery Life On Your Android G1″.

  • chancellor

    This is a good article. However, if you had published it on April 1st, it would have made a WHOLE lot more sense…

  • sean

    when they make these smart phones and advertise them to do so much, how come they dont ever confront this problem. i’m sure somebody said lets make a phone to do everything how are we gonna keep it powered running all this juice. i love to use my phone to its full capabilities, i hate turning stuff this is waht i paid for and now i got i stupid pwr manager app and i found that if i put in low power profile i get more batt life but my screen is dim and everything is off. simple problem to me make a extended use battery and give it to us for free

  • Kages

    this article is basically saying, “save your battery by not using your phone.”

  • Dylan

    How about posting ways to improve battery life of your current battery (as your title implies) not ways to purchase several more batteries, chargers, phones! Even to suggest use a different phone, I pay $70 a month to use this phone…. There are certain people who should not express opinions or thoughts and you are one of them my friend.

  • MArtin

    This may seem awkward for some of you, but for some its ok, ~ rather than getting a battery belt to reload you gun.. i mean phone.

    You can get little USB battery chargers to do it… it could be awkward, noone wants to carry extra accessories.. but its not so bad for travelling by bus train.. etc,
    Another thing, some phones can have a normal size “high capacity battery” I vcant find the I shope that sells all this stuff, and replacement batteries can be expensive

  • MD45
  • Alex apps, no 3g, no gps, no calls. why the hell would you want a g1 if your not even going to use it??

    This articles stupid, I hope to god you were kidding

  • http://Website ArizonaLoco

    I must say that I bought the extended battery soon after my initial purchase of the G1. It is awesome. I have so much more fun with a little bit more of thickness to the phone. I am a power freak though and do turn off wifi and bluetooth when not needed. I also only let GPS function when in an app and not running in the background. Just installed the 2.1 Eclair v1.5 and loving it, rooted and overclocked. Sweeeeet.

  • http://Website Sheesh

    Thanks for wasting my time with this drivel. I’m looking for assistance, not bs.

  • http://Website Mike

    It can’t be understated what a dumb m*(&@#)ing article this is.
    Number 2…. really? I mean really??
    Save battery life, just don’t use it. What kinda friggin moron writes this stuff.

  • http://Website Gabriel

    Great article. I especially like the land line suggestion – touche!

    I find it amazing that after over a year of you stating very clearly that this is a joke ragging on the G1′s power hungry appetite, people still think this is the real deal.

    For those wanting more realistic answers, try these:
    -Use 2G not 3G (Yes it is slower, but do you really have to stream live video 24-7?)
    (You can re-enable if you really need to mash on the gas)
    -Charge mid-day (Car charger @ lunch for example)
    -Turn off GPS (Don’t you know where you are?)
    -Turn off Wifi unless you are actually browsing @ an Access Point
    -Turn off sensors (It is nice on Cyanogen 5.08 to have landscape on home screen without
    a keyboard out, but I can deal.)
    -Turn off Bluetooth! (Let’s put an end to the cyborgs infesting America! I will NOT be
    assimilated)… ok. I have the Jabra bt3030.
    -If you don’t want a 2″ thick phone, buy a cradle with built-in battery charger (~$20 ebay), then
    leave home with the extra battery – just in case.
    -If you listen to music all-day (like myself) – buy a music-device like an ipod. I get battery power
    all day on my 160GB classic, and don’t have to fret about my phone dying (as much). (2 years
    later and I still get 20+ hours before I have to recharge)
    -Remember that this is a phone. We all like all-in-ones, but set priorities
    “Phone or Entertainment”?
    -Some day we will have paper-thin disposable phones that you can buy at the convenience
    store that cost pennies, work all day, control nuclear ‘wessels’ (StarTrek-4), and help you find
    true love. But until that perfect product is created, remember that there is no perfect product.
    Qualify your needs to the feature and decide which benefits are most important.

    thx for listening!
    Again great article – I needed that!