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7 aHome Themes From On Interaction. Plus Widgets.

Themes have flooded the Android Market following the success of all the new home applications.  aHome now includes its own theme browser and Google will be adding a themes section to the Android Market soon.  On Interaction is one developer devoted soley to desktop additions.  Their ColorBook series of themes have become popular for their lite design and quick response times.  When customers began to request sports themes, On Interaction quickly responded.

On Interaction has also released several widgets for aHome including QuickTweet and QuickNote.  QuickTweet is one of the fastest ways to update Twitter when using the soft keyboard included with aHome.  QuickNote allows you to attach sticky notes anywhere to your desktop and includes several themes.

I have QuickTweet installed and its great for instant Twitter updates.  No longer do I have to wait for Twidroid to load and update if I only want to send a short tweet.  If you are a constant Twitter user, I would suggest giving it a look.

What other types of themes would you like to see from developers?  Are there any widgets you would like to see made?  Have you even attempted to install a theme?

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  • Ricky

    This is a pretty stupid question, but can I still change the wallpaper if I get any of these themes??
    Great website btw, glad I came across it.
    (Bookmarked ^^)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, there is even an option with most themes to include or ignore the wallpaper when you swap them out. This way you can still update the icons, app doc, and search bar.

  • Isaac

    Ya you sure can. Most people like to change the wallpapers I think with the themes they get.. they just like the icons and the general look and feel.

  • Ricky

    Thanks. ^^
    But I ended up getting Open Home instead, and I like it better than aHome.

  • Kevin

    Where can I download these themes?
    Preferably the Chromebook theme.
    Thanks in advance!

  • http://whateva Whateva Guy

    These stupid aHole people need to take all those themes out the Market on Android, everytime i scroll to look for an app, there’s another stupid theme, there should be a way to look for themes right inside of the Ahome App, not taking space on the Market just to promote their aHole app acting like if the themes for the Ahole app are actual programs.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      aHome does have a theme downloader inside the app now.

  • Karl

    Kevin, just search for ChromeBook in the android market!

  • Inder

    how do i install this g1 ahome theme..???

  • Inder

    i have this ahome installed but dont’ no how this thing works..

  • ice

    first download and install it, then press the home button and select ahome or open the ahome console and start ahome, once u r at the ahome home screen press menu, then press more and select theme and then installed themes, touch the theme u want and there u go! :)

  • android themes

    Just a good website about android theme.

  • http://Website Bellicose

    can someone PLEASE spare me some knowledge and explain how to install a theme which i download from my PC and upload to my android.. ??? email or reply please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website cviniciusm

    aHome looks a bit weird on Motorola Milestone 2.0.1 . I have downloaded several themes made by mAPPn from the Market and all of them looks a bit weird, a bit different of what you see on the mAPPn’s site.