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aHome For Android Video Demonstration

(YouTube video link)

aHome has quickly become one of the most popular desktop replacements.  We have been exploring each app and here is another video demonstration of aHome.  If you have yet to check these apps out, watch the video to see how you can change the look and feel of your Android device.

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    hi, great review

    i have just bought the htc desire hd it is a great phone however i am really struggling to see the text when iam texting, contacts, email, apps etc, due to the very small text size and there is no way of increasing the size of the text, could you please tell me if this app would increase the size of all font sizes? if not do you know of any apps which allow to increase the font size of all text on the phone? ….. i am aware that the iphone has the ability to increase font sizes is it possible do you know if i could wipe off android from my phone and install the operating system that the iphone uses?
    your help will be much appreciated.
    many thanks