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aHome Video Review For Android. Turn Your G1 Into An iPhone

Here is another review from Logan featuring aHome desktop replacement app for Android.  aHome comes from iPhone developer mAPPn.  This app is similar to dxTop, but it comes with new themes including an iPhone version.  Widgets are also supported just like dxTop.  I’ve been using dxTop myself, but after watching this video I want to try aHome.  I guess it comes down to which dev continues to release updates and how good their widget support it.

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From Logan:

New widgets including weather and digital clock

New widgets including weather and digital clock

Thanks to mAPPn, a new home screen application has been released to the Android market for $2.99 as a limited price. And for how cheap this is, it’s an app worth buying and keeping. mAPPn has released one theme for this app and it’s of course, the iPhone theme. Because everybody wants to make their Android look like something they don’t have enough money to buy. But this theme isn’t half bad. It’s got the dock on the bottom that shows 4 main applications that stay cemented on the bottom of the screen so they don’t move when you swipe to a different screen.

aHome also has something that everyone is looking for… NEW WIDGETS! aHome brings 2 new widgets to the Android desktop. The first widget Weather, gives you a choice to pick what country your in, then enter your zip code to get the correct information for said zip code. The second is a digital clock instead of an analog, for people who don’t know how to read a clock.

I decided to do a dog fight between the two apps, dxTop and aHome. Both home alternatives. I know lots of people who love dxTop, and aHome just came out. So dxTop has a little bit of a head start. One thing that aHome towers over dxTop is that when you fill up one screen with apps, aHome provides you with a whole new screen. dxTop only has one new screen. Now granted that aHome doesn’t have a dock, but as soon as you download an application, it gets transferred right to your most recent page with an open space. aHome wins again!

New dock included with aHome

New dock included with aHome

To delete an application, it’s just like the iPhone. Long press on an app (don’t move it, but you can let go) and two boxes will come up that say “Delete” and “Rename”. Just tap delete. That easy! The rename function about aHome is very nice, especially if one of your app names are too long, and you can’t read it.

And last of all, aHome wins, AGAIN, with the fact that aHome changes the look of some of the apps on your G1. These are the ones that have been changed:  Pictures, Music, Camera, Alarm clock, Youtube, Settings, Market, Contacts, Browser, Messaging, Email, Calender, and the Calculator.  I’d love to see more themes come to aHome, and more widgets. Everybody loves widgets. But there you go! aHome wins by a landslide!

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    • Logan R


  • Jae Rok

    Just wanted to respond to the “Because everybody wants to make their Android look like something they don’t have enough money to buy”.

    Didn’t this phone cost the same if not a smidgen less?

    • Frost

      :] I paid 400$ and bought an 8gig SD card, the g1 obviously owns the iphone, people that bought the iphone and cant afford the g1 are always first to trash talk it.

  • Judith O

    @ your comment “Because everybody wants to make their Android look like something they don’t have enough money to buy. “…… Who says android users don’t have enough money to buy the iPhone? The 8GB iphone 3G is 199…. and and the G1 is 179… with 1GB of space…. is it really cheaper ? A matter of preference honey…. You should really watch what you say… that comment would offend a lot of people….

  • Shawn

    Man, you guys have iPhone envy.

  • Striderhayasa

    I tried Ahome Lite but I have DXtop and I have to say that Dxtop seemed like the better app to me. I have WeatherBug on my G1 so the weather widget is useless to me.The clock widget is the same as the first thing I did with my G1 is delete the annoying clock that sat smack in the middle of the main screen. Personally, I think the Iphone is okay but I certainly didn’t buy a G1 because I couldn’t get an Iphone so the Iphone theme is also useless to me. My G1 with a 8GB microSD card was about $220 bucks and I could have had a Iphone for that much cash.

    Downloading an app an having it appear on a screen isn’t a positive feature IMO. Considering I don’t want all of my apps on an open screen.

    I didn’t like the screen indicator (the four white dots for the four screens I made) that sits on the bottom third of the screen as it became annoying. I also didn’t care for the two buttons that permanently sat on the bottom left and right of screen.

    Ahome isn’t a bad app, it’s actually pretty good overall. It did seem to have more options and features for clearing out a page of widgets and icons and renaming icons is a good feature. But DxTop just seems a bit more refined to me. But…take this as you will considering I have the full version of DXtop but only the light version of Ahome. Anyone have the full version that can chime in?

    • Logan R

      I’m the one who did the review, so obviously, I have it. Haha.
      You made some good points, I mean I didn’t buy an iPhone, but that’s really what I wanted. I’m not putting down android, because I love android. I mean, I’m buying an android lap top. But aHome full is a little better than light, but it still has some bugs, so I don’t suggest buying it just yet.

  • Adam

    I love aHome! Would recommend it to anyone.

  • jmedina

    I love my G1 I like the sleek look of the iphone but jus 2 tell y’all I had the16 gb iphone unlocked wit my tmobile chip in it and sold it to my friend and put that money towardz my g1 wouldn’t change it 4 da world luv my f**kin g1 and all da apps 4 it. The g1 wit da proper apps iz the iphone also I don’t care who disagree’z

  • jmedina

    The only choice that ” I’m not gonna lie” I had to decide on waz the 8 gb of extraspace I waz givin up but I chose the qwerty keyboard on da g1. I don’t have tiny fingers I waz exausted of hittin more than 1 letter wen texting. When u fully. Learn ur g1 and itz capabilitys u will understand . My g1 haz multitouch on optional on screen keboard for all programs than need text input,accelerometer is accessible by choice, etc. itz just all tricked out n I luv it. Apple iphone EAT UR HEART OUT….LMAO

  • jmedina

    I also agree with judith that comment waz uncalled 4 cuz I paid $516.00 4 my. BRONZE G1 when it 1st came out. I waz already a tmobile customer so I had to pay suggested retail price. At an authrized tomobile dealer. Gettin back to da point I couldof bought two more iphones smarta**!!!

  • CoolDude

    Hey guys.. just tried out the new hot DIVA theme.. for aHoome android app
    chk it out !!

  • mike

    this is the fabulous diva theme for our g1 !!
    it rocks !

  • rje

    What is this bullshit about everybody wants to make their Android look like something they don’t have enough money to buy. Believe me, I have enough money for an iPhone and I’ve owned plenty of them. I use Android because I want to. Because I want a phone that not everybody has. Because it’s a quality product. Why are you writing on this site if you think that the iPhone is the preferred product? Go and get yourself an iPhone.

  • luillo12

    Hi people I’m from Puerto Rico and for this people here the iphone “is the best”. I desagree of that, I but the G1 because that’s a phone that was really rare and I dicede to pay $400 instade of the commun iphone. I don’t know really how to used but I preefer the G1 than the iphone. I’m trying to put a theme on the phone but I don’t know how to do it. I will be preciate if someone explian to me. But I don’t want the iphone looks. What I have to download or buy to change that. Thanks for the help and the time. *G1*

  • mick

    I have had the iphone 3g for 14 months and due to ongoing poor reception with O2 which started in august i am just switching to Orange, the best deal i could get didn’t include the iphone 3gs so after a lot of research i went for the HTC Hero, bearing in mind that i could jailbreak my iphone and use the Orange simcard, the deal includes the phone so i thought i’d give it a try. Well, what a surprise! After just 3 days getting used to the Hero i’m keeping it and prefer it to the iphone 3g, i wont bother going through a list of reasons unless someone really wants me to. I know you’re gonna say ‘ahh, but the 3gs etc. etc., but i’ve tried that too and whilst it’s a fair bit faster than the 3g, it’s not as fast as the Hero. And, i don’t have to jailbreak it to get wi’fi and bluetooth shortcuts and other things i like. So, i can afford the 3g, the 3gs and any other phone on the market and i reckon i’m going for the hero. I can understand people wanting an iphone-like screen setup because it looks good, for myself i’m happy with the Hero screens.

  • http://Website Richard

    I love my android. All the people saying we’re jealous of iPhone. Well aren’t you the one jealous, because this video is just showing those prowd iPhone all around the world that just with a click, the android can be better than iPhone and still look like it if he wants. Can iPhone users say the same thing, prove me wrong and give me a link to the iPhone android theme, but only if uncle steve lets you