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Android Drum Is Beating Louder. T-Mobile Spams Its Customers About G1.

With the recent lower price on the T-Mobile G1 from Amazon, it feels like the sales have picked up.  I am coming across more new G1 users every day.  The new low price of $97.99 is a big enough difference from T-Mobile’s $179.99 that many people are converting.  I also believe the Android Market has been a big success for the G1.  With paid apps now available, the competition has cranked up and the result is more quality applications for us, the customer.

Text From T-Mobile About G1.

Text From T-Mobile About G1.

Even T-Mobile has stepped up their efforts to promote the G1.  They have included the G1 in their NBA ads and launched a new TV ad campaign.  The most recent one features all the glowing reviews of the G1.  Just today I got a text message from T-Mobile service to announce the G1 was available for sale in my area.  I already own the G1, so obviously this was a mass message.

If you are one of those people waiting for the next Android phone to be released, you might be waiting longer than you thought.  Since the economy slowed down many manufacturers have pushed back their plans for late 2009.  There are no release dates for any future phones.

Another benefit to purchasing the G1 for only $97 is the resell value of the phone.  Many people are using the phone without cell service as a mobile internet device.  All of the online functionality of the phone is still available over a WiFi connection.  If you purchase the phone today, you can sell it on eBay when the next model comes out or keep it as a spare for other purposes around the home.  With the evolution of the open source applications, your old phone could be your next media center remote or toilet gadget.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and join the Android revolution.  What are you waiting for?  Order your T-Mobile G1 from Amazon for only $97.99.

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  • Clark Wimberly

    That commercial is really well done. I haven’t seen it in the wild yet though. Are they airing it?

    I still can’t believe this thing was only $98. Too ridiculous…

  • Danny

    hey now the phone cost $98 why so cheat
    it had to be a caught to this
    just like the iphone !!!

  • Yaniv C

    All the more reason I hope for their sake that Cupcakes come out next month. I ABSOLTIVELY LOVE my G1. However, much to my suprise I am annoyed by the lack of the 3.5 mm jack. I was SURE this wouldn’t be such a big deal to me….. IT IS!
    Now if they push back delivery of the G2 AND Cupcakes get delayed as well… I can pretty much guarantee Ill be getting rid of my G1. Ive been waiting patiently for A2DP to show up, its meticulous that I can root my phone and get Cupcakes but not get it from them directly.
    Please? gimme my steree bluetooth….or get borked!

  • Yamil

    I’m really hoping in the CUPCAKE update they actually us the accelerometer when your on street view in Google maps!!! They were advertising like crazy but its MIA! Google maps CHALLENGE:

  • Rykalov

    Yes Clark. The TV Spot is in the Wild. Looks great. Saw it just the other day on a local channel. Then onces this morning along with the news.

    I definitely want to see more use of the accelerometer. Though I do like the ability to lock orientation at times.

  • DAnny

    I WANT A 3.5 mm jack
    and put a 3.5 mm jack for the phone , That would my life much better
    and it they did make it , they should make there own headphones with the Android logo that would be cool