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BarTor 1.0. First Android Torrent Application Hits The Market

Justin has just sent me word, that the first official release of BarTor(formerly ScanTorrent) is headed to Market.  BarTor was born when we launched our Android Bounty contest last month.  There was a lot of buzz when we first previewed Torrent Droid, but this is the first time a torrent appication is on the Market for download.

When asked to describe the development process Justin shared this with us:

“Again, I want to express my appreciation for the inspiration and support that AndroidAndMe has provided throughout this product. It has been a great learning experience and has allowed me to grow my knowledge of Android as a platform. I’ve never done mobile development, nor have i done Java development, and quite frankly had never intended to until Android came along. Plans for the future include frequent (hopefully) updates to BarTor as new features are requested, as well as additional projects as they arise. I’ve a lot of ideas, and I’m sure that there are plenty of ideas floating around on the web. I’m always looking for a good challenge. And you can bet I’ll be waiting for the next Bounty.”

Some of the new features include:

  • uTorrent & Vuse support
  • Load By URL, Load By File
  • KTorrent – PHP and HTML Interfaces
  • Sort By Publish Date or By Seeds and Leechers (Default)
  • Purchase opportunities upon Barcode Lookup – Long Click result to open Browser.
  • Failed Submissions to the Client are retried automatically at application open and exit.
  • Choose maximum number of Torrent Search results (25 [Default], 50, 100, 250)
Scan To Download BarTor

Scan To Download BarTor

If you would like to download and checkout BarTor, it can be found in the Market under applications.  Retail price is $2.99.  Justin is a very talented developer and offers quality support for his products.  If you would like to see new features, please purchase and support his app.

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  • Tsen

    Just installed it and it works flawlessly. Awesome job and a great debut of the bounty program! Only thing on my wishlist is direct access to the WebUI so I can confirm it loaded and my torrents haven’t been paused.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That is the feature I want most as well. I’m sure he can come up with a solution after seeing all the other features he has added.

  • J

    Is there a demo somewhere where we can see it at work?

  • Roger

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen anyone sell a product that has no form of legal use.

    • S

      You’ve obviously never bought drugs before…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It is intended for legal use. The dev has included product search on Google Base so you can purchase products. It is also great for downloading open source software.

    • anon

      Plenty of legal use. Check for example these great legal torrents

  • Andrew

    2.99 for a torrent client? That flies in the face of all that p2p (namely, torrents) stands for.

    Happy to see an app hit the market to support leeching, but charging for it? Please…

    • James

      Hey – use the app to steal video, so why not just steal the app?

  • David

    Yeah, $2.99 is too much. Maybe there will be free version on the torrent sites soon.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I think the price point works. It’s cheaper than a drink from sbux or any fast food meal. I mean really, 3 bucks for a well supported app is no problem for me.

      • Barryke

        OMG sbux coffee costs more than 3 dollar? lol

  • markoza138

    I think that $2.99 isn’t that much to pay for such a program as this. Besides, the developer will need the money if the fascist bastards at RIAA try anything.

  • nEx.Software


    How can you say there is no legal use? I legally use it to search for things I can legally search for online through my browser on my PC. Last night I searched for, found, and downloaded the latest Nine Inch Nails albums, yes they were released straight to torrent by Nine Inch Nails. The other day, I was thinking about how I really should have a linux box running. I searched for, found, and downloaded Ubuntu, which is also perfectly legal to use BarTor for. When you scan a BarCode, you are presented with a list of legal places to purchase the item, often at a discounted rate. remind me again how there is “no form of legal use”? If I had my way, record labels would include QR codes on albums that would link to downloadable samplers (you know, the things they give away for free all the time), or better yet, a local band who puts a code on their show flyers that lets you download a couple tracks to check out. Maybe I’m not interested in spending $50 on a computer game I haven’t seen or tried yet. Maybe there is a demo provided by the company. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to scan a code on the box, and have the demo ready for you play when you get home. An open mind goes a long way…

    • Roger

      I stand corrected. There does seem to be a legal use for scanning barcodes and downloading the resultant torrents. Of course if you have the item to scan the barcode of how are you searching for it? Or is the barcode of the ubuntu CD printed in a magazine somewhere? Just wondering.

      • Tom

        Your ideas about possible uses for this product are indeed forward-thinking. But please don’t insult my intelligence by implying that the VAST MAJORITY of users will use this to STEAL.

        True or false?

        • J

          Read what you typed and tell me how intelligent it sounds.

        • anon

          If you steal a product from someone the original owner is left without his product. The word you are looking for is copy.

  • nEx.Software

    I could always take the barcode scanner out of the mix. Or disable torrent pass-through on scanned in items.

  • dree

    I say pirate the scanner. Give the developer the same curtesy he’s given toward the content it will “acquire”. If you pay for this your an idiot.

    • TheBlur

      Ehhh what’s $3? I bought it!

  • andy

    Installed it and fooled around with it! very simple! love the work he has done with the program. . U can always get a refund if you don’t like it.. but im liking it! will save me loads of time..

  • Jeroen

    Unfortunately, this is not available where I live (Netherlands). Is it me, or is restricting access to content based on location a new trend online? Too bad, as it diminishes a truly global medium.

  • Roy

    As a law-student I can safely say that you should not accept money for this application. Not because I don’t want you to make money, but because making money of an application like this will put you up for the lawyers.

    • nEx.Software

      Hi Roy,

      I appreciate your comment and concern. I’d like to further discuss if yould be willing to via email. Please get in touch with me at at I’d appreciate it.

    • http://Website Olf

      What about knife-manufacturers, should they be allowed to charge for acquiring their products?

  • Barryke

    Same here, seems to be missing in the dutch (Netherlands) Android Market. Seems we don’t have access to payed apps.

  • curse

    cool thing, I hope it’ll exist on the Swedish market, I’ll get my android phone next week, will gladly pay $3 for a good app

  • http://Website Jack

    I want a barcode scanner application that you can scan BUT PUT DETAILS ABOUT THAT for example im at walmart and I scan something I like, perhaps a movie I can put details such as which walmart and the price. or perhaps at that walmart something is on clearance but want to think about it, I want to be able to add notes to it. Why isnt this simple thing not included? i downloaded this and works ok on the consumer end but for someone who needs more it just doestn cut it. However I also paid for a barcode app as well and it doesnt have it.
    if you know of application let me know truejunkmail at


  • Wesley

    Does anyone know what the current best AndroidOS torrent soft is?

    • anon

      Go to the android market. Search for the word torrent. Select free apps. Ignore the torrent remotes and other stuff with the word torrent. Look at what apps have been downloaded the most. Read the comments of the people that have a brain. Compare the top 3 torrent clients by using them.

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