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Doom Ported To Android. Quake…

Our friend shinobiwan23 sent over this video of the new Doom port for Android.  It was created by Vladimir Slava who also released several other Android apps.  This comes just on the heels of our Android Bounty II announcement.  We are hard at working lining up some devs to take on the project of porting Quake to the Android platform.  Thank you to everyone who has donated.  We have doubled the Bounty size from the first run and I think we can keep it growing.  More details to follow.

[Video via YouTube]

Here is one more video I found from YouTuber Carboman23.  In his video, he shows a little more information on setting up the controls.

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  • Eric

    I wonder how long it takes to break your phone by playing 1st person shooter on it…….LOL…

    • Steve

      I was thinking the same thing. The buttons on a phone have a limited life and bashing away at them playing games seems a great way to wear our your phone before its time. Ok, I have a “soft” keyboard on my HTC Magic, but if I do have to use any of the control buttons a lot – especially the trackball – I’d be concerned about making them fail sooner than I’m ready to get a new phone.

  • Quakeboy

    wwoow… Android roxx ! let us join hands to take over the iPhone !

  • Bill

    Was there really no audio or had you turned it down?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      No audio is the common theme with most of these ports. I hope they are able to add it soon.

  • DarkFox

    Damn. When I press play it just quits after downloading the game files.

  • Mike

    I can’t even download the game files…disappointing.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I had trouble over Edge, but WiFi worked with no issues.

  • abrizz

    I just get sad since this will be unplayable on the HTC Magic without a keyboard and that phone will probably be the first android phone available in my country. oh well. I just hope they can get scumm working on the android, that would be awesome.

    • foleyisgood

      SCUMMVM *is* working on Android, and awesome :)

      • abrizz

        sweet! how does it handle with the touchscreen? I imagine that some games can be to specific in regards to pixels needed to touch for it to be playable using your fingers.

        • Jan-Christoph Borchardt

          The touchscreen is very well implemented into ScummVM, I completed Beneath A Steel Sky and only had problems in one scene. (Where you have to steal the sandwich and wrench. Just save your game and do that part on the computer, then switch again.) Aside from that, the trackball can now be used as well.

          Regarding Doom: Why doesn’t anyone in the videos use strafing? I recommend 9 and 0, plus P for opening doors.

          • shinobi-wan

            actually, those are the buttons i use for strafing. you can see it in the video. i didn’t want to confuse people unfamiliar with fps so i didn’t mention it. But i’ll make an annotation in the video.

  • shinobi-wan

    I keep waiting for one of my keys to stop working. hope i’m just paraniod.

    (IMO) It will be extremely hard to beat the iphone in the game dept. until we can save games to to the SD card. Iphone has games over 20mb and they look amazing. We won’t see those games if they can only be saved to the internal memory. Doom seems to save the levels to the SD card but then its a free game. I don’t believe you’ll see that for paid games.

    • nEx.Software

      It probably is not hard to utilize the SD Card for game content.


      There is a sample called Downloader which downloads content to the SDCard upon first run… Using this would reduce the size of the APK, and alleviate the need for more space on the G1 internal memory…

  • nEx.Software

    As for whether paid games would use it, I can’t say…
    I’d venture a guess that they’d have to consider it.

  • dc

    controls are HORRIBLE but aside from that its an excellent port, shockingly fast play

  • Adrian

    Looks like a good port. Is there any way to use the track ball to turn/look left and right and press it to fire? It would feel more like a desktop fps then : )

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  • bogaming

    You can use sound, but on the “Enable Sound” button it says it will cause slowness.

  • JM

    everytime i try to download the game i get unknown error

    If i try to add the files manually to the sd card i keep getting the message “tap menu > start to try again

    anyone have any suggestions?

  • Gammax

    yay more, fps fo android.

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