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DroidGear Sega Emulator for Android Video Review

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Just a few days ago shinowan23 showed us Kidd GBC and now he is back with DroidGear.  This app is a Sega Game Gear emulator for Android.  Like the other released emulators, the performace is lacking and no sound is included.  Hopefully we will see improvements as the developers learn to take advantage of the hardware accelleration.  If you want to check out DroidGear, make sure you have OI File Manager installed to load the roms.

DroidGear is a port of JavaGear which is a java emulator for other cell phones.  Phones with half the speed of the G1 can run the emulator at playable speeds so keep an eye on DroidGear after it is optimized.  Now where is my Quake port?  We know this phone can do more.  Someone remind Google to flip the switch.

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  • clx

    Good start…
    but what is the G2 going to do about apps like this that use the keyboard :(

  • Agustin

    Were can I download the ROMS?

  • marcus

    Can’t find rooms

  • Gammax

    seeeeggaaa!!! another app I have to chack out when i get my g1

  • si

    I have droid gear and oi file manager but no roms wil work any help would be very appreciated

  • Appaka Paka

    i want some rooms and toilets to get on this thing