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dxTop and Lock 2.0: Android Applications Video Review

Logan is back with another video review of paid apps from the Android Market.  This time he reviews dxTop and Lock 2.o.  Please give Logan feedback and subscribe to his YouTube channel if you would like to see more Android reviews.  If you are interested in learning more about dxTop, read our preview.  If you would like to have your own app reviewed or any other request, please contact us.

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  • Admin

    Haha great video Mr. oompa loompa. Willy Wonka is def in my top 5 all time favs.

  • Logan R

    Hahaha. Thanks. Gatta add a little comedy.

  • Trav1sty

    The two docks serve very different purposes. The left dock is the standard app menu dock that lists all installed programs. The dock on the right shows recent applications. The text under the icon changes color depending on the app’s state. White means the app is not active. Yellow means it’s running as a service in the background and red means it actively running in the back ground. You can now uninstal and kill the app’s process by long pressing the app on the 2nd dock.

    dxTop has come a long way and is a great home screen replacement.

  • tah tah

    I don’t know where my two dock tabs went it only has this message to long press to add icons how do I get the docks back