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F.O.M.O. New T-Mobile G1 Ad Campaign (VIDEOS)

T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Commercial “F.O.M.O.” 60sec from A Friend Of Yours on Vimeo.

I came across 3 new ad spots for the T-Mobile G1 never before seen.  They come from Los Angeles design collective A Friend of Yours.  No word on if these will make it to TV, but they are pretty cool I think.  Don’t you just love the Internets?

T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Commercial “Telepathy” from A Friend Of Yours on Vimeo.

T-Mobile G1 Google Phone Commercial F.O.B.L.O.O.C. from A Friend Of Yours on Vimeo.

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  • John

    In the first ad, the image superimposed on the G1 screen around 0:53 is larger than the actual G1 screen (seen shortly thereafter).

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Haha nice find. I wish my screen was that big!

  • Nick

    Haha, these are hilarious. Much better than the current G1 ads I’ve been seeing. I hope to see these soon.

  • roy


    I noticed that too in the second video. Really dishonest IMO

  • Nikotttin

    The problem is that the G1 camera is pure crap. To take a picture in a club you have to ask people (here girls) to hold still for 1 minute!!!

    Are there going to be sued like other companies are when they misrepresent the reality???

  • Gammax

    I got FOMO of the G1, i dont got one.