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Kidd GBC Demonstration. Gameboy Color Emulator For Android.

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Shinobiwan23 brings us a look at the new version of Kidd GBC from TeraGadges.  There have been other Gameboy Color emulators on the Android Market, but the performance was so bad they were unplayable.  You can see from the video, that the framerates have been improved in this recent version.  Unfortunately, sound is not included.  Kidd GBC currently sells for $2.00 in the market.  Hopefully, we will continue to see new versions that improve performance.

Be sure to check out Shinobiwan23′s YouTube channel for other Android videos and leave him some feedback.

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  • Icebergxx

    I’ve emailed this developer a few times, their hasn’t been a update in awhile because he has been studying in school. But basically he has an update already ready and is waiting for the Cupcake branch to come out so he can then hopefully enable sound.
    He’s fixed it from freezing when you switch between answering texts and all.
    And he’s working on making it touch screen. [track ball on the left hand for movement touch a and b buttons]

    Its a promising application as it stands right now the only good games/rom’s I would recomend to download would be Pokemon/Warrio world/Zelda.

    About the appropriate fps to play decently.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      That’s cool news. I can’t wait till these emus get better and have touch controls.