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Mystique Chapter 1 Walkthrough For Android

After I posted the video intro for Mystique, many people have posted asking for a walkthrough.  Some of you even took the time to email me.  I tried several times to record a video, but the game is too dark and my camera is too cheap.  Instead I decided to write up a guide that will walk you through all the steps needed to complete Chapter 1.

These Guys are Awesome.

These Guys are Awesome.

If you have the game but don’t know how to play, just hit the “Information” button when the game starts.  I’m not here to answer questions that are answered in the game.  If you can’t read, then this guide is not for you either.

For new Android users, Mystique is a horror/puzzle game played from a first person point of view.  This is one of the true 3D games in the market and it also happens to be free for a limited time.  I suggest you try to finish the game on your own.  The fun comes from solving the puzzles and escaping the room.  But if you really get stuck, here is the complete walkthrough.

1.  Grab the flashlight.  If you stand on the pentagram and look at the bottom left side of the tub, you will see something on the floor.  Tap it for a closer look, then grab the flashlight.

2.  Grab the hammer.  On the bottom right side of the tub is the hammer.  Again, you need to be looking down to see it before you can zoom in.

3.  Grab the shaver and the plaster.  Open up the cabinet on the wall to find both items sitting inside.

4. Grab the toothbrush.  Look in the back of the toilet and you will see the dirty toothbrush.

5. Get the key.  Return to the tub and tap the handle to drain it.  After that, select the toothbrush and then tap the shiny object to get the key.

6.  Charge the shaver.  Place the shaver in the charger by the mirror and then remove it after the cut scene is over.

7.  Grab the circular saw.  It is located on the right side under the sink.

8.  Get the screwdriver and pliers.  Look on the left side under the sink to find a locked tool box.  Select the key and use it on the box.  When it opens you will find the two items.

9.  Get the batteries.  Select the shaver and use the screw driver on it.

10.  Turn on the flashlight.  Select the flashlight and use the batteries on it.  Tap the light again to turn it on.

11.  Crush the wall with the hammer.  Stand in front of the wall where it is sparking and use the hammer on the wall.

12.  Get the electrical wiring.  Use the pliers where you smashed the wall to remove the wire.

13.  Fix the circular saw.  First select the saw and then combine the wire with it.  Once the wire is attached, use the plaster to repair the wire.

14.  Escape from the room.  Plug the saw into the outlet by the toilet then use the saw on the door to escape.

Once you have finished the game a couple times, it only takes a few minutes to complete.  I can’t wait to see what Bendroid does for Chapter 2.  The graphics are already better than most of the Android games and I expect to see improvements.  I would also really like to see a time trial mode where you could challenge yourself for the fastest time to finish a level.

If you would like to request any other game guides or hints, leave me a comment.

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  • becky

    hi i really enjoyed chapter 1 it took my a while to work out that u could use the batterys from the shaver for the torch light but when i figured that out the rest came to me, i love things like this and cant wait till chapter 2, when will chapter 2 be availabe, from becky x

    • Taylor Wimberly

      You are not the only one waiting for Chapter 2. I’ll dig around and see if I can come up with more information. Thanks for visiting our site.

      • http://Website Chaya Goodman

        How do you get the batteries out of the shaver with the screw driver?? I tried getting it out by putting the shaver on the charger then using the screw driver to try and get it out… but that didnt work. I then try to select first the screw driver, than select the shaver… but that doesnt work. What am I doing wrong!?

        • http://Website Freak

          Open u r inventory….
          Double tap on shaver.
          It will appear on the screen with details.
          now single tap the screwdriver.
          now click on the maximized shaver..
          u will obtain the batteries

  • hen

    How to
    9. Get the batteries. Select the shaver and use the screw driver on it.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      When you load the game hit “Information” and it will explain how to play the game.

      To combine items, you hit menu to bring up the items and then double click one to select it. Once an item is selected, you can touch another item and then tap the main item selected to combine them.

  • Fammy

    GOOODIES…great game for a phone…love how its first person andddd sorta kinda like resident evil! creeepyy!

  • shadow

    i cant combine the damn items

  • shadow

    n/v i passed it

  • Gucci

    i cant ind tha batteries and idk how 2 use the screw driver on the shaver. PLZ help me!! i love tha game so far and i cant wait 4 the 2nd chapter

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    double tap the shave then tap the screwdriver.

  • Lee

    I am stuck!! I double tap shaver and single tap the screw driver and then tap the shaver again but nothing happens am i to stand in a cerain spot and do it??? Help me?

  • Samantha

    go into the inventory and double click the shaver till it comes up in a sort of full screen mode then click the screwdriver once to select it and click the razor to use the screwdriver on the razor to get the batteries out,
    i also struggled with this till i accidentally did it =]

  • audrey

    I need help with a chapter 2 walk through now lol…

  • Mel

    Help! Need a chapter 2 walk through! :)

  • Pebbles

    Yes yes yes pleeease do post a are my only hope lol. No one is helping really. I’m at a safe but don’t know how to get in. They say there is a coin under a bed but the only room that has a bed does not have a coin. I’m guessing its behind the jammed door but how the hell do I get in there???!!!!

  • gynabooh

    I have chp.2 and I’m stuck….will someone create a walk thru?

  • Drew

    How so u get chap 2?

  • ty

    I need a walk throughh asap. Samebody help me.

  • Lizbo

    Please, please help with even a mini walk- thru

  • Lizbo

    Ok I can not take this frustration any more!!!! Apparantly that axe is not good for anything! This is the most frustrating game ever!!! Guess it got the best of me, but this is no longer fun. If any one would care to give a little help, I would appreciate it.

  • Tomsn

    The axe is good for something. Like smashing things in front of a door. ;) I don´t know how to shift the switches in the “132″ room. Any help?

  • Mindy

    Has anybody found a walk thru? I am in desperate need of help. I am so frustrated going in circles and back and forth into the rooms. Can’t figure out the password to the computer to get the elevator working. And the color puzzle too. So lost!!!! Please help me before I go insane

  • http://None Shell

    In the room with the tvs u go to the switch box and put in 132 and the u swipe the card key…the card key helps u open like all of the locked doors that dont work with keys…ur welcome :-)

  • McMardenstein

    I beat it so email me with any questions at [email protected]
    F.Y.I.: do not ask me how to beat the whole thing; email me with questions regarding one part at a time

    • Elly

      I have this on my kindle fire any idea how to access my inventory? I’ve tried everything I can think of…

  • laura

    Please any1 I need help on chap. 2 I’m stuck. I already have the key card paper and pencil but can’t figure out what to do next…
    Email me [email protected]

  • NINA


  • Vincent

    1. Turn off caps lock. It makes you look severely uneducated.
    2. Touch the icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
    3. Just in case, reread Step 1.

  • sunshine

    That game rocks.. I knew u could use the batterys just didn’t know how lol.. Kind of wish i didnt cheat to beat it but it was fun. And no lie after I got the wiring the death lookin man freaked me out lol. I really jumped lol.

  • Mamibg


    I just installed this game on my Samsung Moment and it freezed when I reached the sink. I restarted the game and it froze again… :/

  • Luis Case

    dude thankz…i needed a bit of help knowing yo9u could add things together thankz a lot again.

  • Joe Berger

    Is there a bug at the end of Mystique 2? Only 2 of the hexagons appear to rotate.

  • http://Website Helene

    hum it’s normal that’s this game is not proposed in the market with an htc tattoo???
    (sorry for my english i’m french ^^)

  • http://Website dj


    • john carlo

      To get a battery combine the shaver and screw driver or try the plier.(if the screw driver is not work)

  • mandy

    Color hexagon cheat. Top left color match is green. Bottom left color match is blue. Bottom right color match is green. Top right color match is pink.

  • IVY

    I soooo loved this game…:)

  • Pam

    Help! On chapter 1 and can’t conect wire to saw. When I double tap on saw, I get the X !

  • Matt

    Can’t find the card key…help…pls!

  • http://Website max

    where is the key on chapter 1

  • http://Website HELP

    How do i connect the saw and the cord.i cant seem to do it and its pissing me off

  • sammy

    Where are the batteries

  • http://Website Sandra

    i cant find this game on the market, can anyone tell me how to get it,? please email me!

  • http://Website snorkel1987

    I got through most of it on my own, but for some reason I’m utterly dense when it comes to plugging the chord in. Can anyone emphasize that last bit? Thank you :)

    • http://Website Melody

      Once you have the wire from the wall, you open your inventory and click on the wire, then on the chain saw. It combines, but when you try to plug it in to the socket by the sink it says something to the affect that it’s not stable or safe. You have to then (with your inventory open) click on the roll of court plaster and then click on the chain saw to combine those together. Once that’s done, select the chain saw in your inventory and then click on the outlet by the sink and it will work.

      Hope that does it for ya :-D

  • http://Website mel

    will this game be coming out on any game console?

  • http://Website tojo

    Okay, so call me slow. I Just started chapter 1. How do u save ur spot in the game. I have to redo everything each time I turn it off and back on.

    • http://Chapter1 Kainoa

      The Chapter 1 in this series is not very long, and there are not any built in Save options…. Everytime you exit, You will have to restart again. All you have to do is find the Components scattered about the room, Put them Together , use the item’s you find and Exit the Room!

  • http://Website Carmen

    Grrr cant find the plaster idk what to do :(

  • http://Website Lf

    Plaster? No plaster to be seen in cabinet. Bandage.

  • jeanie

    Umm.. The only problem I have is that in my game I was not supplied plaster but a roll of bandage.. It will not let me fix the wire with the bandage

  • White

    How in the heck do I get to my inventory?

  • laianne

    regarding in the mystique 2 where will i get the water to add up in the coal and the book

  • Frustrated

    I’m trying to play Mystique 1 on my htc incredible s, but i can’t move in any direction and i see no directional arrows at all. Is this game compatible with my htc??

  • dylan

    I beat it!!!!!!!!!

  • Elly

    I cannot find the inventory menu after things have been gathered. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game but still can’t find it.I have this game on my kindle fire if u need that info. Thanks!

  • Stefanie

    I also have this on kindle fire and cannot access inventory, the only two buttons on screen are the forward and back directional arrows, and nothing else.

  • niya

    Hi I have problem with walking in room I read the instruction but it didn’t help how should I use the pad to walk in the room?

  • Lydia

    I cannot get the flashlight. Every time I click anywhere near it, it zooms me into the bathtub. Please help!