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Setting Up RSS On Android. A Must Have For G1 Users.

RSS was invented for Android.  There are many benefits of RSS for desktop users, but its true potential is realized on the Android mobile platform.  Some readers may have never used RSS or even know what it stands for.  Read along as I show you how to set it up and explain why you need it.

Google Reader Mobile Version

Google Reader Mobile Version

Really Simple Syndication allows web sites to easily share their updates in a standard format which users have the ability to subscribe.  By signing up for multiple updates or feeds, the user has the power to scan a wide variety of sites and information on a single screen in a short amount of time.  This is great for anyone who wants to have the latest information on a given topic, but does not have the time to visit multiple web sites.

Android is the perfect match for RSS because it allows you to get those same updates wherever you are.  It also strips down website pages to pure text so the page load times are much faster over Edge and 3G.  Once RSS is setup on your phone, you can read all the days news as it happens.  Google has also included some unique features that allow you to book mark and share the news that is important to you.

I have been a Google user for years, but I realize many T-Mobile G1 owners are new to having a Google account and all the other services that they offer.  Google Reader is Google’s RSS client and available in a mobile format.  The steps to setting up RSS feeds on your Android device are as follows:

  1. Some of my Android feeds

    Some of my Android feeds

    Point your Android browser to and sign in if needed.

  2. Create a new bookmark in your browser to the  Google Reader page.
  3. Return to your Android desktop by pressing the home key.
  4. Long press on the desktop to add a new shortcut to your home screen.
  5. Select add shortcut and then select bookmark.
  6. Browse your bookmarks and locate the link to Google Reader.

With the bookmark now linked to your desktop you have easy access to your Reader.  You are now ready to add feeds.  You can either search for feeds inside Google Reader or you can visit your favorite sites and look for the orange RSS button.  Our RSS link is located in the top right corner with text “Subscribe to RSS Feed“.  After clicking a RSS link Google will give you two options:  add to Google homepage or add to Google Reader.  After several feeds are added to your reader you can tag and organize them into groups using the desktop client.

Notes I added to a post

Notes I added to a post

Speaking of the desktop client, you will be forced to use it in order to have access to all the options.  The mobile version has several settings like setting your start page or allowing outgoing links to be reformatted for mobile browser, but that is about it.  Hopefully, Google will be releasing a full featured Reader client for Android soon.

Google Reader also has some cool features like such as the ability to share your favorite items and add your own notes to them.  Once you share a story, Google publishes the results to your profile page where others can view it.  I have not explored this option too much, but I am considering several creative uses for it.

If you have had a chance to use the mobile Google Reader, please share your thoughts with us.  What features that are missing would you most like to see?  Are you content with using Google Reader inside your mobile browser or would you like to see a dedicated app?

Having trouble setting up RSS?  Leave a comment or contact us and we will do our best to help.

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  • Michael Martin

    Personally I like RSS Popper to use in Outlook so I get my feeds Realtime and while I read my emails.

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • Roy

    I used to use the mobile page from google reader as well, but Greed basically does all the same things, only it also has notifications for new feeds, which is awesomer than the mobile page.

  • xavierv

    @roy, nice tip on greed will check it out.

    I also love to access greader from the g1 browser. Here are the problems I meet with this way of surfing my feeds though:

    1. I def need to bookmark to delicious any post I like and wish to share and store in delicious. I can bookmark the page with beelicious, but only once I clicked away from the reader and landed on the original blog. We need greasemonkey on the g1 :)

    2. When you mark items as read, they stay on the page instead of disappearing.

    3. Kind of related to 2., it only shows items by chunks of 15, and when you load new items, the old ones don’t disappear.

    4. Why can’t we have keyboard shortcuts on greader for g1?

    5. loading items takes a long time, I noticed that the dev team worked on a faster loading time for the desktop, so I expect the same for the g1.

    Anyhow, greader is the best rss reader out there, and it’s great to access it from my g1.

    Great blog by the way, you’re in my reader :)

    • Admin

      1. If you are looking for greesemonkey, check out oilcan.

      2. I’ve had no problems with marking items as read. Normally by the time I browse through all my items and mark them as read, new items will appear and it works quite nicely.

      4. Yay for shortcuts! I wish more Goog apps like the browser had more.

      5. I have experienced slow loading times with images. I have seen it on Edge and WiFi. Not sure what the cause of this is.

  • konstantin

    I use Google Reader all the time and like it on G1 too!

  • Neil

    I love my G1, and use Google’s RSS feeder regularly.

    Being into green issues, I find I can keep an eye on what’s happening far more easily than before.

    Great site – keep up the good work.

  • http://Website(optional) Affishexcex

    cool sitename man)))

  • Scott

    Thanks this is exactly what i was looking for. Your writing is clear and your instructions worked.

  • http://Website Steve

    I prefer to use a rss app. gReader works very well for Google Reader.

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  • http://Website james

    when I navigate to on my Android phone (Evo) I see a the full blown reader web site that I would see on my PC. The screen doesn’t look anything like the screen shots in this artice. How do I make reader look like this? As it is, I find it very difficult to navigate.

  • http://Website John

    I have an android lg optimus c it has a system rss reader pre installed I cant figure out how to add a channle to it

  • Bernard van Gastel

    I like RSS Junkie, as it has push notifications and offline reading. Small and simple interface.