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AndFTP: Android Palmtop Access to FTP Servers

Have you ever found yourself out wishing you could download a file from your FTP server? How about wanting to store a downloaded file on a shared FTP server so co-workers could have access? Has the call ever come telling you that permissions on one file are preventing your entire website from working properly? LyseSoft has a solution for your Android based phone.

AndFTP allows you to do all this, and more.

Chmod in Your Pocket

Chmod in Your Pocket

AndFTP allows you to upload and download files from your FTP server to your phone and to change file permissions of files on the remote server. Its clean, functional interface allows for the storage of login information for multiple FTP servers. Do you need a file on Server A that you know is in Server B? Log in to Server B, download the file to your G1, and then upload the file to Server A. Changing permissions on a remote file is as simple as touching to select the file, pressing the Menu button, and touching Permissions. Changing the permissions is as simple as selecting the appropriate check box.

Although not for everyone, this simple, intuitive app has the potential to save Unix administrators a lot time. Whether you are administering dozens of servers in a corporate environment, or administering one or two personal servers, this slick little app gives you anytime access to your data.

AndFTP has numerous other features including:

  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS support .
  • Device (local) and remote (FTP) file browsers.
  • Upload and download with resume support.
  • Folders selection support for upload, download and deleteSFTP support.
  • Rename file(s) support.
  • Delete file(s) support.
  • Create folder(s) support.
  • Copy file(s) support on device.
  • List files and folders sorted by name.
  • Open file on device.
  • Permissions setup support on FTP server.
  • Multiple FTP settings support.
  • Optional “Tip of day” SFTP support.
  • English, Spanish, German and French languages support SFTP support.
Christopher Earle has been working as a freelance writer since 1987. He currently lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his wife, son, and their two cats. He has been a fan of open source software for many years.

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  • lysesoft

    1.0 RC7 with authentication prompt is now available:

    All changes are:
    - Authentication prompt added to avoid storing FTP
    login/password on device.
    - Sort by name, size and date menu added.
    - Cut/Copy/Paste support added for device browser.
    - Simple list/List/Details views option added.
    - Font size option added.
    - Video playback support added (MP4, 3GPP).
    - Open file on device bug fixed.
    - Recursive folders download bug fixed.
    - Cupcake support.

  • http://Website Paul Bourget

    Using an Android tablet, I get a message about “ .host is unresolved ftp 21″. When I look back at the configuration page, ftp 21 has overwritten the original server address that I entered.

  • ekow

    yor product memory is too small to pick up programs