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Android Goes To School: MakeMobile’s CoursePro Review

Grade Settings in CoursePro

Grade Settings in CoursePro

Software to help students plan and execute homework is a rarity in a world where smart phones are usually designed for business. MakeMobile has gone a long way to filling this need with CoursePro. CoursePro provides a good, simple set of tools to help students keep track of courses, assignments, and overall grades.

The architecture of the software is simple and intuitive, a real necessity for a task management system intended to be used on a daily basis. The first thing a user does is create a course record. Information fields include course name, number of credits, professor or teacher, location, types of expected assignments for the course, an email contact, and a field for general notes about the course. If a student is unsure of any information, like the types of assignments that will be required or the weight a particular class of assignments will have on the final grade, all course information can be added later. The software is very easy to learn. It is intuitive enough that a few minutes of exploration without documentation was enough to learn the basics.

The overall look and feel of the software is good, and the places that require a long-click or touch-and-hold are sufficiently big and easy to select accurately. There are numerous places where a user can touch-and-hold to edit the underlying data. The app is both very well laid out and very well thought out.

I Hear Professor Andy is Tough

I Hear Professor Andy is Tough

CoursePro keeps a report card with the grades that a student has already received, so students can track progress through the quarter or semester. If a student is in a class where the lowest three assignments are not counted, there is a handy field where the number of “drops” for an assignment type can be specified. If CoursePro is bought part way through a semester or quarter, it is very easy to add already completed assignments.

CoursePro is a very solid student course and assignment manager. It is intuitive and easy to use and could be an excellent way for a student to both keep track of assignments and, at the same time, keep track of probable grades. The app can be downloaded for $3.99 from the Android Market. For more information and screenshots, please go to the CoursePro official page.

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