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Body Glove Case for the T-Mobile G1. Video Review.

Have you been looking for a quality case for your T-Mobile G1? This week we review the Body Glove rubber coated case.  Stay tuned to our site for more Android accessories video reviews.

Body Glove Snap-On Case Now Available Through Amazon

In this video we take a look at the Body Glove snap-on rubber case for the G1. Right away I was impressed with the build quality. Most rubber cases are floppy and have trouble staying on the phone, but this thing is strong and surprisingly rigid. It snaps on with ease and feels like its going to stay on.

It comes with interchangeable pieces for the back, where you can attach a belt clip (which can also double as a kickstand). If you don’t want the clip, you can pop the button and insert a blank, leaving the back of the phone flat and smooth.

The case has nice gaps just where you need them (around the buttons, the bottom port, the camera and speaker) and doesn’t really get in the way of phone use, but still feels present enough to lend some protection. The textured rubber also feels as good as it looks. The case provides amazing grip and feels great in your hand.

The only downside I could find was the belt clip kickstand could’ve been a bit sturdier, but I don’t plan to use the case with the clip so that’s of minor concern to me.

If you are looking for a sturdy, attractive case for your G1 that won’t slip off or get in the way of normal use, the Body Glove snap-on rubber case just might be the ticket.







[Body Glove Case via Amazon]

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  • Supreeth

    The crow flies at midnight.

    This looks like an awesome product , will definitely look into buying it. I kinda scratched my phone a bit at the edges , if only this was released earlier :)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’d def check it out. Most of the “rubberized” cases on Amazon are crap and made of cheap plastic. This one has a nice coating. Price is hard to beat too. Going for under $13 on Amazon plus shipping.

      Get a screen protector while you are at it. Very good investment.

  • TahitiBob

    The crow flies at midnight

    nice screen protector :)

  • Robkonz

    I bought this a few weeks ago. Its a little bulky. I stopped using it.

    • Clark Wimberly

      I think its sized pretty modestly, any thinner and you just get into those floppy rubber ‘skins’ that always seem to slip off at the worst time. It does feel a bit larger in my pocket though.

  • Andrew

    The crow flies at midnight

    • Clark Wimberly

      Congratulations, you got the last spot. I just sent you an email to get a mailing address.

      If anyone else was curious what these guys were posting about, there is a QR Code at the end of the video that said the first three to post ‘The crow flies at midnight’ would win free screen protectors for their G1. Stay on the lookout for more hidden prizes throughout the site!


    Great product review!

  • maximosis

    I am using this body glove now and have been for the last 2 weeks and i Love it I dont think im ever going to take it off.

  • Gunderstorm

    I bought this based on your recommendation. Nice case!

    It would be really nice if it had a removable bottom plate for docking. I have the Fosmon dock and I can see myself taking this on and off a lot.

  • Eric

    nice case my only complaint is that the back cover could have been a lil bit slimmer but its still great, looks like it will protect well.

  • Gammax

    not sure if I like it or not.

  • evan

    I’ve had this case since I bought the phone a few months ago. Pros: always stays on and stays tight to the phone, catches all the gunk that would normally get to the phone. Cons: around the window area there’s a piece of rubber along the inside that’s coming off. It looks like they melted it to the border of the cover…and it’s peeling off


    You can use the body glove clip to mount your phone on your rear view mirror. No need to have a bulky car mount on your windshield or on your dash.

    1. Just flip the rear view mirror tab back
    2. Clip your phone on the front where the tab normally sits
    3. Bring the rear view mirror tab forward.

    Nice thing is the phone is right under your rear view mirror and is easy to see when using google maps or copilot.

    It’s actually makes it safer since you are looking at the rear view mirror.

    I just figured this out last week and thought I would pass it on.