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Ringo Pro: Ring Tones for All People and Occasions

The Android based T-Mobile G1 with Google allows you to set a unique ring tone for each person in your contact list. It doesn’t, however, allow you to set a unique SMS, or text message, tone for each person. This could be handy if you are busy, and need to know whether the SMS you just received is an answer to a critical question, or simply another bit of SMS spam.

If you have ever been expecting an important call or message and fumbled through your purse or pockets to find your G1, only to discover a telemarketer, the Ringo Pro could be for you.

Changing the LED Color

Changing the LED Color

Ringo Pro allows you to customize almost every aspect of ring tone and SMS notification. If you are one of the many people who don’t notice the polite vibrating of the phone when it rings, Ringo Pro offers a much stronger vibration. Vibration patterns are aptly named: Discreet, Classic, Enthusiastic, Frenzied, and Relentless. If you are like me and notice blinking lights, the LED can be set to blink in green, red, blue, pink, or orange. You can also turn off LED notification. Three buttons along the bottom of the screen allow the phone to be set in silent, vibrate, or full ring mode. These features are simply for the overall phone ringer and SMS settings.

Ringo Pro will really shine as you start to apply its custom settings to caller groups and to individuals in your contact list. Each person can be assigned a unique ring tone, unique SMS tone, their own color of blinking LED, and a unique level of vibrate intensity. You will know instantly whether a call is from your brother, boss, or broker. One user sets a fairly bland ring tone and SMS tone as a default, then gives each important caller his or her unique tones.

Download Free Ringtones

Download Free Ringtones

Ringo Pro also offers you access to a number of free ring tones and SMS tones. Although there aren’t many, the ones they offer are good. If you decide to use an .mp3 as an SMS tone, you can select the length of the track that will be played. Options are: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds or the whole track.

If your G1 is your main point of communication, and you need to know who is calling without looking at the screen, Ringo Pro offers a dizzying array of options for customizing your phone.

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    This seems way to expensive for what it offers. A little more than $5 is what the market tells me (although the price is listen in Euros I think).

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    finally a personal sms setting