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ScanTorrent: Android Torrent Apps Multiplying

Less than a week ago, we brought you the first Android torrent application which was met with huge buzz.  Today we will preview another torrent application which is similar to Torrent Droid, but uses a little different approach.  Justin from nEx.Software was another dev who participated in the Android Bounty and now he brings us ScanTorrent.

ScanTorrent Features Numerous Trackers

ScanTorrent Features Numerous Trackers

ScanTorrent is an application that scans product UPCs, searches for torrent files, and remotely downloads them.  Like Torrent Droid, this is mashup app that demonstrates the power of the mobile, open source Android platform.  Torrents have changed the music distribution model for the better and I hope they see more commercial use.

To find out more, we spoke with Justin:

This was a lot of fun for me. I am one of those people who needs a little nudge to get things going and the “bounty” idea was just that.  The app, which is nearing its initial release, aims to provide a unique experience when dealing with torrent downloads.

A large part of my work has been with parsing usable data out of un-usable formats. With ScanTorrent, I wanted to work with a number of features of Android that I hadn’t yet worked with (databases, threading, web requests, and some others) and I think the results are pretty good.

ScanTorrent comes with numerous options that give the user a lot of power.  Some of the highlights of ScanTorrent include:

Torrent search results

Torrent search results

  • Search by scanning barcode
  • Search by entering title
  • Google Base product lookup
  • isoHunt torrent search
  • Ability to omit results originating from certain torrent sites.
  • Multiple “Client Sites” or uTorrent WebUI configurations.
  • Download history
  • Search history

ScanTorrent is currently in beta and new features are still being added.  Not yet implemented, but planned are:

  • Group results by originating torrent site
  • Sort search results by seeds, leechers, downloads, etc.
  • Support for legal services

The following is a short video demonstration showing how the app works.  Please visit YouTube for a higher quality version.  You can see that all the action takes place inside the app and the browser is never launched like Torrent Droid.  Also note the many different torrent trackers that are available for searching.

[YouTube Link]

ScanTorrent is not currently available for release, but Zerofate is looking for alpha testers for Torrent Droid.

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  • ClarkLab

    I can't believe our contest spawned two such awesome apps.

  • nEx.Software

    Nice video… I love the quirky music. Classic.

    I'm still plodding along on updates. Have Vuze (Azureus) support almost ready.
    Also, beginning work on the Grouping/Sorting functions and a Limit Search Results option.

    Thanks for doing the contest as I likely wouldn't have mustered up the desire to put this together otherwise.

    • clark

      Do you still want help on the UI of the app? If you’d like, I could put together some comps for button styles, backgrounds, etc. I really don’t know how skinning apps works, I’m purely a web guy, so if its more trouble than its worth feel free to stick with the regular android UI elements…

      • nEx.Software

        Hi ClarkLab, thanks for following up on the UI. I think I'm going to keep the it as is at this point, just because it is heavily modeled after my theme and it's kind of a pain to change to be honest. I guess it wouldn't necessarily be outside of the realm of possibility that I'd allow for themes in the future but at this point that is beyond my abilities to support them. Thanks again, though. I appreciate your interest and assistance in helping me get this off the ground.

  • ClarkLab

    Sounds good. Good luck with the new app!

  • wimbet

    [polldaddy 1460227 polldaddy]

  • nEx.Software

    Vuze Client support added. Testing begins tonight.

  • Brandon

    Any updates? The G1 world eagerly awaits your program!

  • nEx.Software

    Very, Very, Close. Just need to tweak. a couple more things.

  • buffawhat

    great work. I like that scanTorrent stays in the app, and doesn’t open a browser. if you need beta testers let me know please.

  • http://none cor3y

    app looks awesome. original concept as well. will the final release be optimized for g1? name of app should be ‘scandroid.’ that would be cool. until final release – ciao!

  • TorrentScan

    really awesome !!!