• http://www.therebeldroid.com Yamil

    I downloaded the app last night and I couldn’t believe it was made by T-Mobile. I thought they purposely wanted you to run out of minutes, but with the new “My Account” app they have gained my respect. The only app I’ve seen that was similar was “SelfHelp”, it was useful when it decided to work. My Account is very clean, and they even decided to put beginner tips & tricks and How-to’s. Seems like it was really well thought out. Till now I haven’t got any force closes, I give them 5 stars! Maybe they can add a feature where you can see the apps that you most and least use, but thats just me pushing it. Nice job T-Mobile!

  • http://lashon.org La Shon

    GREAT app, just what I need without all the call hassle & web browsing.

  • Jon

    Not available in the UK :( I hope they are working on it!

  • http://www.twitter.com/txhoudini txhoudini

    I downloaded My Account with very low expectation but was very surprised. It’s actually a clean, straightforward app. I agree this shows that T-Mobile is dedicated to the Android platform. I look forward to what the future will bring.

  • stan628

    i downloaded las night and works flawlessly. the description of minutes and messages was great but the surprising addition of the battery level really was exciting and functions as a second app. surprisingly great job from t-mobile.

  • myrtlebeachbums

    This is an awesome app! Yeah, you can get this online or by calling T-Mobile, but this just makes life easy.

    Way to go T-Mobile!

  • http://techti.me/ Matthew Stevens

    I’m loving this app. If it provided a way to login when on Wi-Fi it would be perfect. I’ve been using the shortcodes #msg# #bal# #min# but this is so much better.

  • Srinivas Chervirala

    This is nice utility application who want to track their usage, though some of the information is available through short codes. On iPhone most of this information can be accessed through Settings. By providing MyAccount application not only providing an utility application, but also potentially can save a lot on G1 customer support.

  • Joost

    Must say, it looks really good (on screenshots)

    Too bad it’s not yet available in Holland.

  • Lloir

    awww am gutted it aint available in the UK :( would really love this app

  • Gammax

    wow, looks great… cant wait to get a g1

  • chancellor

    In three words: The Best App. This app is basically a must have for EVERY G1 user. I’m also surprised that T-Mo developed this app. It not only shows your subscribing info like minutes, texts, data etc but also your phone related info such level of battery, battery condition, storage. The app even has a HELP section. How good is that? The app is a really nice essential and I’m happy T-Mo got involved like this.

  • Big_D

    I had to swap out for a new G1 because my first one had bad hardware and now I can’t find this in the Market when I search under any string:
    My Account
    T Mobile

    How do I pull this app back to my phone?

  • Big_D

    After new phone updated from 1.1 to 1.5 I found it.
    Note: App not released for 1.1 compatibility

  • C-Rex

    I can’t find it either. This is a killer app. I had it before, but I cannot find it now. Searched everything. And browsed the “tools” section. Cannot find it.

    TMobile! Put this on a dedicated link on your website! This Thing Rocks and I NEED it back!!!

  • Nazgul

    T-Mobile D (Germany) plans to release this app in the next 8 weeks – i got this info from the Hotline Today

  • http://www.lifeburner.com Tom

    Oh wow, i got a G2 on T-mobile 2 days ago, this would be the PERFECT app, i cant find it in the market :(
    Im guessing its because im from the UK, how/where would i find out when this comes out for the UK?