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The Best Android Twitter Client

When I wrote my first Twitter article, I had only been using Twidroid for a few days. I was faced with learning two new systems at the same time, but Twidroid made the process easier. After using Twitter on my PC and my G1, I prefer the interface of Twidroid.

Our Twitter Profile

Our Twitter Profile

For readers unfamiliar with Twitter, I picture it as everyone having their own personal, mini TV network. You are free to broadcast whatever you like 24hrs a day. If you produce an interesting show, then more viewers tune in. With every network tuned in to each other, it is also an incredible communications tool. With always on access in your pocket, news can spread faster than a California wildfire.

Twidroid is the best Twitter app I have used.  They have more features than all the other Android clients combined.  Updates are released on a regular schedule.  A beta client is even available for those who wish to test new features.  If you are already familiar with Twitter, then you will feel right at home on Twidroid.

Here are a few of my favorite features using Twidroid on Android:

1.  Integration with other apps. Twidroid makes heavy use of Android intents.  This allows many other applications to integrate with the app.  Now you can easily share items from different apps directly to your Twitter account.  A good example of this is 3banana’s Online Notebook.

Tweet Options

Tweet Options

2. Instant Notifications.  Users can setup different notification alerts so you are instantly alerted when there are new Tweets, someone replies to you, or you receive a direct message.  Thankfully you can set the interval it checks for new updates to save on battery power.

3. Photo Sharing.  There are quite a few photo sharing apps out there, but none are as easy to use as Twidroid.  Hosting support is provided via Phodroid or Twitpic.  You can easily upload and geotag any photo.  This is the quickest method around for posting your images to a location that people can easily find.

I could keep going, but I suggest you just download the app and try it yourself.  Share your favorite features with us in the comments.  If you would like to follow us on Twitter our page is located here.

Multiple account support is on the roadmap for Twidroid 2.0  Ralph, Twidroid

Currently, I only have one request for Twidroid and I have been told its on the way.  The developers are very responsive to fixing bugs and implementing new ideas.  If you have any issues with their product, just drop them an email.

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  • Michael Martin

    I agree Twidroid seems to be the best so far when on my G1, but when Im on my laptop I LOVE TwitterFox – makes it SOOO much easier and useful.

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

    • Admin

      Thanks for the tip. I’m a Twitter newb so I’m still learning new stuff each day.

  • Andrew Perry

    I’d agree that Twidroid is the best Android Twitter client – and I’ve tested most of them. While it’s great that some of the other ones are open source (eg aTweeter, TwitterDroid and nanoTweeter to name a few), none of the others match the features or level of polish in Twidroid.

    My only major feature request is that same as yours: Multiple account support.

  • Mervyn

    I also like twidroid for sending tweets and photos. I don’t have it running all the time though because of the number of notifications for new tweets that come in and also to preserve the battery.

    When I just want to check for the latest tweets, I just open my G1 browser (Steel) to for the nice web interface.

  • Andres

    True. Agree with you Twitdroid is a very good app!. btw keep up the good job on these android news.

  • oscillik

    while i do like Twidroid, i do have to disagree with you on the developer’s responsiveness to users who report bugs – i submitted a bug to them by email well over a week ago and have had no response back. disappointing :(

  • Ricky

    Hm my favorite is still TwitterRide.
    I guess because I don’t use Twitter that much. I really don’t care for notifications. And I wouldn’t want for it to run in the background.
    I just like to check it once in a while, post a tweet or two and then leave.

    • http://Website Mr Z

      Thanks Ricky… I’m like you and want something that doesn’t hog my G1 resources…. out of memory sucks.

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  • rob ganly

    i like twidroid but can’t get the photo upload to work!? no matter what phot host, image size or whatever i try it tells me ‘tweet sent’ but when i check on the web nothing is there (unlike txt-only tweets, which appear fine).

    the support has been quite responsive and said they’ve heard of similar problems but don’t know why it happens…

    i’m on G2 on vodafone uk if anyone has any ideas!?

    rob ganly

    • scouser_steve

      @rob ganly – I have the same issue, even after the minor update yesterday – somethig to do with a Java Exception and Twitgoo. I have contacted them looking for a fix

  • christooss

    How much does twitdroid cost?

    • nigg

      20 bucks

    • Kelson

      Twidroid is free. And I’ve got to agree — it’s the best Twitter app I’ve used on the G1. I just wish it could support multiple accounts.

      • http://Website M

        There is a free version, but it doesn’t have all the features.

  • ciaociao

    what i’m missing in twidroid is making groups. Perhaps this could be implemented?

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  • Dan Sumption

    I’m disheartened to hear that Twitdroid is the best Twitter app on Android. I’ve just switched to an Android phone from a Windows Mobile device, where I used PockeTwit, and Twitdroid is so far behind it in so many ways (URL shortening, picture services, automatic twitter ID completion, general interface & UI, …) that I struggle to use it.

  • uesnyc

    I think the swift twitter client is more clean and seems more like an app made for android. Just my own two cents, but twidroid seemed not so clean, and a little more buggy.

    • TheTrotsky

      I agree! I recently tried a few different twitter clients, including TwitDroid, and found Swift to be my favourite… (free too! Which is always a bonus…)

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  • Gokberk

    You can look my new android site!

  • eorourke

    Twitter announced that they are going to launch an ‘official’ Twitter Android app. It’s still unclear how they will proceed, but I’m leaning toward the purchase of an existing third party app. Read more here:

  • hugophang

    Beside twidroid, seesmic also not bad.

    Found another twitter client app for android is called sobees.

  • Mary

    I need a twitter app that notifies me of all @mentions and DMs for 3 accounts not just the primary account – does twidroid pro do this? what about seesmic? Does anyone know what app will?

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  • http://Website taneal bhandari

    I’m not seeing a benefit of using an actual Twitter app over just receiving text messages directly. Can someone explain why you’d want to use an actual app? I can only think of not having an unlimited text messaging plan or maybe tweeting yourself. But just for receiving tweets, text messages seem to be ok, right? Or am I missing something?

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